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[Feature Request] Objects Marked As Observed Should Show As Observed In Only The Working List

Hi guys. I looked at the implementation of this feature and I think it needs some work.

I always use lists without focusing on my previous observations. For example. I am opening a new observational project and it is important for me to see the objects that I brought there and it does not matter to me whether I have seen them before or not. By this principle, everything worked well before.

I made a record of an object and it disappeared from the map. Now, I don't have that option. And I'm sure there are many such users.

To please everyone, I suggest in the sheet settings to make it possible to show whether I have seen this object before or not.

Sorry for my bad english. If something is not clear, I will try again.


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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Roman, i understand and I agree we need to include the option to hide observed objects from the current list and any list.  I might revert the change if we can't include both options for the initial 7.1 release.  This could work by adding a filter option under the filter/sort view:

    Filter by:

    • Show All
    • Observed in this list
    • Unobserved in this list
    • Unobserved in any list

    DevOps reference:

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    Roman Bakay

    yes, I think it's a good idea! Thanks

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    As long as 'Observed in any list' also includes objects that are observed and not tied to a list, this will fix most of the problem. I have a LOT of these kinds of observations.

    The only other thing I can see is if someone is working on two astronomical league observing programs, for example, that have observing requirements that have to be followed, something I'm routinely doing. In that case, I may have checked off that I saw an object even if I didn't meet the requirements for an AL program and the filtered list would see them as the same, just an observation. Conversely, if I could literally append one observation to two or more lists, I could be sure I met the requirements.

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