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Observed in Observing Lists

If the same object is in different Observing Lists and it is viewed in one of them, it remains Unobserved in the others. This is convenient if these are special Observing Lists (for example, Observation Plan), but if these are some kind of public lists (or famous catalogs), it is better to be able to filter the Observed more globally (across all lists). It may be worth adding the option "Observed" and "Observed in this list".


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    Jeremiah Burton

    Yes!  It would be nice if it could be flagged in multiple lists.

    Better yet, it would be nice if the observation wasn't tied to an observing list, and as observations were made for objects, they would automatically show as observed in an observing list. 

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    Brian Blak

    SS5Pro “info” - “show observations” brings up a report list of all instances of the selected object and shows whether its observed or unobserved. It also provides a link to the observation. Trouble with this great function is that it is frustratingly slow. I timed it at ~17s on iPad Air 4 iOS 15.5.  If you select a previous observation at this point, backing out seems to re-compile the list and another ~17s is added to the process.

    SCC responses to this are to question how many lists and items are in the list (for myself and another).  

    Make the search function as fast as the device and operating system!  

    A major flaw in my view and I see nothing yet detailing improvement for SS7Pro.  If this is improved, I will consider upgrading.

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