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skysafari6 doesn't start without updating

I have installed skysafari pro 6 on my android phone. It worked very well but now it "needs to download 1898MB of additional data files". The big problem is that skysafari doesn't start without this update. I have only two options: to exit or to start the update. I have the internal storage almost full and I don't want to make the update right now, because the program worked very well, also I remember that I already did this one or a few times in the past. 
To me, the program should offer the option to work, even with not-updated databases. At most, it should warn you about the necessity of updating. 
If for some reason you don't need at some moment more billions of stars added, you could still use the program. But as it is designed right now, it only forces me to radical options: buy another sd card, clean the storage etc. I simply don't want to do this right now and this makes the program useless.


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