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Adding the target-Sun angle to the list of Generate Ephemerides options


I own Starry Night Pro 8 for a Mac. I'm interested in obtaining the angle between a target and the Sun.

More specifically, I want to use the Generate Ephemerides... option to generate the Azimuth and Altitude of a given target over as much as a year, along with the angle between the target and the Sun. I can use the RA and Dec of the target and, separately, generate the RA and Dec of the Sun on the same time grid and calculate their separation; however, I want to avoid this if Starry Night Pro 8 can somehow provide me this information directly.

If this information isn't obtainable directly, I strongly recommend that it be added to the Generate Ephemerides option. Such information is useful for determining when a source can be observed during the day (we operate radio telescopes that can observe sources more than 30 degrees from the Sun in daylight).

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sincerely yours,


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