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App will not align or slew while screen is off

When SkySafari is connected to my telescope (Celestron Nexstar Edge HD 8) and I'm doing an auto align using the StarSense camera, I need to keep the phone's screen from turning off, by clicking at the screen every few seconds. If the phone screen turns off while auto aligning, the app will say that alignment is complete, but alignment will be wrong.

The same thing happens if I use the app to tell the telescope to slew to a certain location and I then switch to another app, leaving SkySafari in the background (But still running). The telescope will slew close to the requested coordinate, but will not finish slewing and the telescope will not be pointed at the selected object. If I then switch back to the app and ask it to center on the object again, it will finish slewing the telescope just fine.

My question is: Does the app need to be in the foreground and does the screen need to be on, in order for telescope control to work? If the app has no such requirement, is there something in the Android operating system that limits functionality of the app, while in the background or while the screen is off?

PS) I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone (In case Samsung has some custom power management I don't know about)


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