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SkySafari 6 Pro App Data on Android V10 in New Location

I had a lot of trouble locating the app data for SkySafari 6 Pro V6.8.6.16 on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Android phone running V10 (with the latest updates as of March 5th 2022). 

I wanted to add a horizon panorama to the "Horizon Panoramas" folder. I had previously found this folder on the <SD Card>/SkySafari 6 Pro/Panoramas/. But now that folder is noo longer used - ie just an old folder that never got deleted with some update. There is an old folder on both the phone internal storage and the external SD card storage. 

So i uninstalled SkySafari 6 Pro and then deleted the internal and external SkySafari folders. I then reinstalled SkySafari 6 Pro. The skysafari folder never should up on the top level of the internal storage. There is no longer an option to install an app directly to the SD card.

I eventually found the SkySafari data at:   

   Phone\Android\data\com.simulationcurriculum.skysafari6pro\files\Horizon Panoramas

I copied my new horizon PNG file to the above folder, and it did show up in the list of SkySafari horizon images. So that was good!

I then tried to move the SkySafari app to the SD card since there is more room on the card for the 2.2GB of data. I used the android settings/apps/skysafari 6 pro/Storage settings to move the data to the SD card. The phone indicated the data was transferred to the SD Card. But when viewing the file folders (from a PC or with the android files app), the data still resides on the internal storage. So there is a bug somewhere. 

So a lot has changed with the latest android version. The help on installing a horizon png file needs to be updated. Also, there appears to be a problem with moving the data from the internal to SD card storage. The phone reports it as moved, but the files are still on the internal storage. So installing a horizon panorama on an app supposedly moved to the SD card, still has the data residing in folders stored on the internal memory. 




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    Keiron Smith


    To my knowledge, SkySafari 6 and SkySafari 7 must be installed on the internal storage.

    Did you ever successfully move the app to an external SD card?


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    The Samsung/Android app mngt in Settings allows me to move the app to the SD card. However, the majority of the data (2.2GB) still resides on the internal storage after the move. And there is no longer an option to install the app directly to the SD card. 

    So, in short, no, the app cannot be moved to the SD card or installed on the SD card. 


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