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SkySafari 6 Pro Android won't connect to Celestron

Using SkySafari 6 Android but will not connect over WiFi, even with "Celestron Wi-Fi" selection.  SkyPortal works just fine.  SkySafari reports

"SkySafari Pro can make a wireless connection to the scope but the scope is not responding.  Make sure scope is powered on and connected correctly.  Also make sure you selected the correct scope type." 

Well, powered on, connected and correct scope type.  Works with SkyPortal but not SkySafari.  Help?


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    Josh O'Neal

    I'm having the exact same issue with SF 6 Plus and my Evolution. Reset to factory settings and updated firmware for the scope but didn't resolve it. Installed Skyportal and weirdly seems to work fine on their. I'm running Android 12 on my phone.

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    Ryan N

    I am having the exact same issue with SF6 plus and my 6se with the SkyQ link.  This used to work fine last year when I last tried it.  Works good on the skyportal app.

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