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Trying to connect SkySafari-6 Pro Android to StarSense for SkyWatcher mount

I just received a Celestron StarSense for SkyWatcher system and have connected it to a SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5.  And so far I haven't been able to connect to SkySafari-6 Pro Android.  The SS system works fine through the SS HC.  But I want to control using SkySafari.

I've updated my SS HC to the latest Celestron CFM firmware.

First I tried using a Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Gen-2 Dongle.  The dongle connects to my phone, but SkySafari won't connect to the mount.  I get the dreaded SkySafari can connect using WiFi but the mount isn't responding error.

Then I read that others have successfully done a SS HC auto-alignment, then connected their SkyFi-III WiFi to the bottom of the SS HC and done a regular "Connect" and controlled that way.  And again, I can connect my phone to the SkyFi-III, but SkySafari gives me the same error -- mount not responding.

When I try to connect using a SkyFi-III cabled to the bottom of the SS HC, what mount should I set in SkySafari?  I tried Celestron CPC and that didn't work.  Is there are different one I should try?  Remember, I'm using a StarSense for SkyWatcher system -- so everything is plugging into the Celestron Interface Box which translates Celestron commands into SkyWatcher mount commands.  So my understanding is that the mount is now a Celestron mount as far as settings and communications go.

If I skip StarSense, I can use the SkyFi-III to connect and control the mount by connecting the SkyFi-III to the bottom of the Synscan HC.  That works.  But I want StarSense.


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