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Sky Safari 7 Map Won't Move As Phone Pans And Tilts (Can Anyone Else Reproduce This Issue?)

Running Sky Safari 7.1.1 Basic on iPhone 13 ProMax with IOS 16.1  The sky map is "stuck" in compass mode and not responsive to panning or tilting the phone.  I can reorient the display using finger gestures.  Sky map moves properly if I tap "AR" in upper right corner, but display reverts to compass mode as soon as I touch the screen.  

I have cycled power, reloaded the App, verified that compass calibration is turned on, verified that "Tilt to Use Compass" and "allow auto rotation" are turned on, verified that Location services for Sky Safari are enabled "when using App".


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    Keiron Smith


    Can you make a screen recording that demonstrates the issues described?

    Please send to


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