OpenGL on a Toshiba Satellite L650 FSX running Windows 7 64 Bit


    The Intel Video driver supplied with the Satellite L650 only supports OpenGL 1.1. Toshiba's "updated" driver has the same level of support. 

    I have resolved this by:

    Uninstalling Starry Night ver. 6
    Make sure Windows is currently up to date.
    Download the following driver from Intel's web site and save it to the desktop:
    Rename the file to "Setup.exe" (it just makes things simpler)
    Open a Dos window and change to the desktop folder.
    Run "Setup -overwrite"
    This will force the update.
    Reboot the system after the install and you now have OpenGL 2.1 running.
    Reinstall Starry Night 6
    I have not tested it with the 32 bit version of Windows 7 but I would imagine the 32 bit driver will function as well with 32 bit windows 7.