Microsoft Remote Desktop


    Unfortunately, Microsoft Remote Desktop creates the windows environment in such a way that the Windows machine itself is virtualized and then runs under your user account.  MRD disables OpenGL required to run Starry Night.  This means that the video driver is purely virtual and run with the bare minimum of options. Starry Night, however, requires certain minimum video options to run at all. This is why you see a crash as the video driver is unable to support the minimum requirements. Starry Night is not compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    A solution to this problem, however, is to use Teamviewer, VNC or another remote control software instead of Microsoft Remote Desktop. Teamviewer, VNC or other solutions don't give you as much privacy since when you run in VNC environment all your actions are mimicked on the display of a remotely controlled computer. However if that is not your concern then these solutions are perfect.

    I highly recommend teamviewer ( It is free for non-commercial use, extremely easy to setup and runs really well even over slow connections. VNC depends on the software used and ranges from free to paid (with paid software promising better and faster connectivity and more options - I recommend free or paid RealVNC - ) but personally I find Teamviewer both easier to setup and with less issues (namely compatibility between server and client which is a common problem with vnc). Other options are services like LogMeIn which take a monthly fee and, specifically to LogMeIn, I don't find them to be good but rather slow and bulky.