Bug fixes and program developments from 6.0.0 to 6.4.3


    Bug fixes from 6.3.9 to 6.4.2:

     Crash when printing on OS X.
    - Graph View problems (OpenGL Init problem. OS X.)
    - Calculation of Delta-T for years -500 to 500 was incorrect.
    - FOV indicators now update/draw in the sky if time flow is off.
    - Image Editor "Background Reduction" slider added. Fixes background
    reduction not working.
    - Constellation Stick Figures not drawing correctly in 3D space when a
    single constellation is selected.
    - Removed confusing application update message on startup when no data
    updates requested.

    Bug fixes from 6.3.9 to 6.4.0

    -A number of bug fixes, performance improvements, under the hood stuff.

    -Advanced Particle Galaxy Rendering

    -Hour Angle Lines

    -SkyView Link (Image Editor)

    -Argo Navis Support (OS X)

    -Up to 14 new panoramas (Pro Plus gets 14, Pro 9, enthusiast 5)

    -Minor updates to some db's like meteor showers

    Bug Fixes from 6.3.3 to 6.3.9


    • Mac Updater download no longer incorrecty reads from system cache in case of re-download. 
    • Windows Updater download now much faster.

    CPU Usage:

    • Application correctly respects user defined maximum frame rate.
    • Application correctly throttles down frame rate when not focused/maximized.
    • Several fixes and enhancements to maintain respectable CPU usage.


    • Opens Starry Night Files at correct default FOV if none defined.


    • Correctly prints legend in multi-pane printout.
    • Printing: Fixed crash under certain circumstances when printing 180 degrees.


    • Fixed incompatibility with setting FOV via a plugin.

    Bug Fixes from 6.2.3 to 6.3.3


    • New minor planets and their moons have been added and updated.
    • Distance Spheres can now be added to any solar system body with any radius and color. (All programs except C.S.A.P.)
    • Shadow Cones can be displayed to show the shadows of orbiting bodies.
    • New update technology built directly into Starry Night. Will check for updates automatically if registered.
    • Animated trips between planets now use more visually appealing planet avoidance.
    • Tully galaxy rendering now implemented as particle systems.
    • Tully database improved to allow for more galaxy types.
    • Saturn's rings and ring shadows now draw even more precisely, and look much better.
    • Universal Time can now be displayed and edited in the toolbar. (Pro, Pro Plus, Astrophoto Suite only.)
    • The precessional path of the celestial poles can now be displayed.
    • The circumpolar region, based on your latitude, can now be displayed.
    • The value of DeltaT has been improved and can now be overridden by the user. (Pro, Pro Plus, Astrophoto Suite only.)
    • All planets now draw with softer edges.
    • Updated LiveSky links and images.
    • Some lines now draw thicker on high-DPI displays to maintain visibility.
    • Added more features that can help Customer Support track down issues.
    • Spaceship responsiveness dramatically improved.
    • Various space mission data sets have been broken into smaller, logical segments to improve rendering speed.
    • Added 5 new horizon panoramas.
    • Improved Find feature for multiple objects of same name.

    Bug Fixes

    • Exported data of the sky view now contains a header row.
    • Galaxy types in several databases have been fixed.
    • Horizon drawing improved when looking at the nadir.
    • Spaceship speed controls now work when Starry Night time is stopped.
    • Telescope name now indicated in Windows 3-pane print settings dialog.
    • SkyCal. Adding event times between 12am and 1am now save properly.
    • Pluto now correctly classified as a Dwarf Planet in the orbit editor.
    • Satellite eccentricities now correctly imported from source file.
    • Moons can now be added to dwarf planets.
    • Adding/editing planet surface images or 3DS model assignments now works.
    • User-specified images are now correctly rendered on moons.
    • One-pane printing FOV fixed.
    • Print legend now shows correct size on all Windows machines.
    • Cardinal points can now be controlled independently of horizon using horizon layer labels.
    • Increased delay in Find search box autosearch.
    • Observing list filters fixed.
    • Comets are now correctly indicated on printed output.
    • Observing lists can now display the objects constellation.
    • Coordinates now export in the format selected in the preferences.
    • Peak times for Meteor Showers are now listed.
    • Ambient sound has been restored. 

    Bug Fixes from 6.2.1 to 6.2.3

    • Added moons Nix and Hydra to Pluto.
    • Fixed incompatibilities with QuickTime 7.4.1.
    • Fixed incompatibilities with on-board Intel Graphics chips on Vista.
    • Printing on windows fixed. Labels correct size, legend now prints on 1-pane printing.
    • Surface Feature Outlines / Location Markers user interface now correctly updates when new files are opened.
    • Google Maps links from right-click menu fixed.
    • Added ability to not apply nighttime shading to horizon panoramas.
    • Surface Feature Outlines now correctly save and read-in from files.
    • Problem with certain files saved with a locked selection not setting correct FOV, now fixed.
    • Export as QuickTime VR no longer crashes on OS-X.
    • Fixed crash with space missions saved in file but not loaded on startup.

    Bug Fixes from 6.0.6 to 6.2.0

    • Horizontal lines on graph no longer creep at low scale.
    • Graphing satellites now shows accurate altitude maxima and minima at mid-low scales.
    • 3DS models now rotate correctly (correct attitude).
    • 3DS Models now scaling properly.
    • Observing List (planner) filters now working properly for 'above horizon' times.
    • Observing List (planner) date no longer incorrectly sets to 1/1/4713 BC when "On specific date" is selected.
    • Observing List (planner) now correctly filtering for double/multiple/variable stars.
    • Event finder moon phases visibility filtering now fixed.
    • Meteor Shower events now properly being found for all dates.
    • Meteor shower event dates now included for years other than 2006.
    • Ephemeris Generator end date no longer jumps to 99999 after changing start date.
    • Smoothed out "Go There" animation.
    • Large black distortion around sun halo on some video cards no longer occurs.
    • Horizon drawing now taking into account daylight fade level on liftoff.
    • Saturn rings now show when printing.
    • Milky Way panorama no longer has artifacts after printing.
    • Removed extreme jitter of planets when location scrolling around.
    • View from centre of planet now correctly reports planet name.
    • Changing a location preserves a centre-on object or location in the sky.
    • Magnify function now correctly works on stars.
    • Altitude column widened and resizable.
    • Orbits and paths line thickness now adjustable.
    • Coordinate grid labels text now has configurable font/colour.
    • Saving or loading an SNF file with XYZ orbit lines enabled no longer causes displayed lines to disappear.
    • Saving Planet image options now possible through right-click on any planet. Save as default saves this selection.
    • Can now save a planet/moon Surface Image/Model setting as default. (Also added right-click to select.)
    • Eyepiece barrel size in equipment list no longer reports with strange characters instead of inches symbol.
    • About Dialog now correctly listed in the Help menu (Windows.)
    • No longer crashes when attempting to magnify an object below horizon using right-click.
    • Files double-clicked on windows now open correctly again.
    • OpenGLInit.log now in application directory instead of root.
    • Registration windows misspellings fixed.


    Bug Fixes from 6.0.4 to 6.0.6

    • Loading time for 3D Models has been reduced.
    • Resolution and quality of images of Io, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Venus have been improved.
    • A bug affecting Mac telescope plugin which prevented re-establishment of a connection while using BlueStar has been fixed.

    Bug Fixes from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4

    • Fixed change to Animated Horizon allowing to to again work on most systems.
    • Fixed bug where horizon would switch back to animated if changed to flat or custom before photorealistic.
    • Additional fix for unnecessary visual updates to calendar panel.

     Bug Fixes from 6.0.1 to 6.0.3

    • OpenGL now starts correctly (as in 6.0.0) for low-capability video cards.
    • Opening and closing the side panels no longer resizes the FOV!
    • Several significant fixes to Calendar event adding and display. Events are now correctly added and displayed in local times.
    • Added new buttons to set Calendar date to date shown in Starry Night view.
    • Saved presets now load correctly when saved with no file extension and selected from menu.
    • Printing in CSAP fixed. No longer centers pole.
    • Ambient Sounds fixed. Now turn on correctly on first try.
    • Correct object limiting magnitudes set for PGC catalog.
    • Fixed adding log entries to an item after deleting them.
    • Fixed significant leak (sometimes causing crash) when using HUD.
    • Fixed horizon pinning when in non-local orientations.
    • Fixed FOVs "(this chart only)" printing
    • Changing locations no longer changes object lock, including locks on random RA/Dec.
    • Preferences dialog no longer hidden under menu bar on some Intel Mac systems.
    • Several spelling mistakes corrected in locations database.
    • Cursor keys now move view correctly in non-local orientations.
    • Planet ordering in Find panel re-establishes correctly after find.
    • Asteroid diameters correctly reported. Were showing as 2x actual value.
    • 3DS models now load significantly faster.
    • 3DS models no longer look washed out after zooming in on sun.
    • Limit stars by distance and other fields like this now work correctly.
    • Prevented annoying redraw of Calendar panel when changing locations in space.
    • F8 in spaceship mode no longer used to show/hide the legend. Uses 's' to prevent conflict with toolbar.
    • Highlighted text now correctly turns white in events or lists.
    • Satellites can again be added orbiting the Moon.

    Bug Fixes from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1

    Performance Enhancements

    • Significant improvement in Windows startup times. Cut in half (more if Event Searching is turned off) on most systems.

    Bug Fixes

    • Added "selection" checkbox and other info columns to Observing Lists.
    • Fix draw error/crash when viewing objects containing a slash ('/') in their names.
    • Hour Angle now reported using JNow coordinates instead of J2000.
    • Added "Add to Observing List" to selection popup. Missing in 6.0.0.
    • Minimum view altitude no longer pinned to Local horizon when using other orientations.
    • Text Descriptions now show correctly for TYC and USNO stars.
    • Added preference to omit event searching at startup. (Preferences>Startup)
    • Horizon now draws correctly during daytime when in "transparent" mode.
    • Nebula Outlines now have user selctable colour and draw as black in printouts.
    • Users can now re-attempt to enable shaders after a crash.
    • Fixed crash when editing and saving observing lists.
    • Dark Theme fixed.
    • Adding panoramic horizons to specific locations now saves with "Save Current Options as Default."
    • Guide layers now draw correctly with shaders off.
    • Zoom lock (max FOV) fixed.
    • Fixed intermittent random crash when closing any sky view (printing/orbit editor etc.)
    • Fixed Observing Lists 'type' filter on Intel Macs.
    • Map in location dialog now shows correctly for "hover".
    • Filtered events now correcty reflected in calendar panel.
    • "Visible Tonight" filter in events and observing lists now more accurate.
    • Database descriptions now show correctly on Intel based macintosh computers.
    • Hitting <return> in the find panel to centre an object that is below the horizon no longer crashes.
    • "Starry Night Classic" theme now more visible in Red Screen (night-vision) mode.
    • Added menu item to refresh Favourites menu.
    • Fixed crash when viewing Sun lens flare from outer-space.
    • Fixed problem with manually entering longitude.
    • Labels for planets now correctly listen to magnitude filter.
    • Fixed formatting in several text description files
    • Cancelling viewing of an event that is not visible now works correctly.
    • All-Sky Image now flips correctly at small FOVs (hardware permitting.)
    • Jupiter image position corrected.
    • Menu items now correctly enabled when Today's Events window is closed.
    • CSAP "User's Guide" menu item now works correctly.
    • Fixed drawing of several types of 3DS models (was causing hang.)
    • Several location updated to include correct timezone info.
    • Equipment - Filters now correctly saved out and recalled.
    • "Companion Book" help menu item added to several Mac products where missing.
    • F8 now correctly hides toolbar on Enthusiast (Windows).
    • HTML "anchors" no longer span a browser window when click inside SkyGuide.
    • Favourites rename edit box fixed when button-ar is visible on Windows.
    • Stonehenge pano direction fixed.
    • Star distances now given to more logical precision.
    • Rise / Set / Transit times for stars now use more precise calculation when displaying this info.
    • Cardinal Direction markers no longer flipped when view is flipped horizontally