Missing and disappearing objects, images, and databases (Quicktime)


    The issue you are seeing is a result of software incompatibility between older versions of Starry Night and Quicktime version 7.4+. You can get SN running again by reverting to an older version quicktime (7.3.1)

    The Problem (different manifestations):

    - Missing object catalogues from the Options tab -> Deep Space menu

    - Objects don't show up in searches, e.g. can't find ISS using the Find tab

    - Objects failing to display in the sky even though images are in the appropriate Sky Data folders

    - All-Sky Image mosaic does not display or does not show up under Options tab -> Stars menu

    - Corrupted or shortened filenames in the Favourites menu and under Options tabs

    - Inability to find ASCOM telescope drivers and plugins

    - Missing portions of the left-hand tabbed menu

    - Problems with panoramic horizons


    The Solution For Starry Night 6: Update to the latest version.  Look in Help (Starry Night drop down menu) ---> Check For Updates

    or go here:   http://www.starrynightsupport.com/softwareupdates

    Note:  Starry Night College 6 must check for updates through the Help menu.


    The Solution For Starry Night 5, 4, 3: (revert to Quicktime 7.3.1):

    1) Remove Quicktime from your computer by clicking on Start -> Programs -> Quicktime and clicking the QuickTime uninstaller.

    2) Open your Windows control panel and use the add/remove programs utility to remove any remnants of Quicktime from the registry.

    3) Download Quicktime 7.3.1 from the following link, and install it:



    If you suddenly started seeing these problems, QuickTime may have automatically updated itself, or it may have updated as part of an iTunes update.  This also occurs when installing Starry Night onto a new compute where current QT has already been installed.


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      Though this may be a fix for my problem, but I am in a school district and do not have access to change the quicktime compatability problem.  The real fix for teachers would be to through a program update.

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      Keiron Smith

      If you have Starry Night 6 a program update will fix this problem.  Look in Help ---> Check For Updates or go here:  


      Note:  Starry Night College 6 must check for updates through the Help menu

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      I have starry night high school version 6.4.6.  I went through the help menu and did the check for updates.  A message came back stating that my computer was current.  I can now open the image which, but it appears to be opening in windows media, not quicktime and it is in video formate and flashes the image for less than 1-second.  I have tried to right click and choose a different program to open with, but that is not an option listed.  How do I make quicktime the default program for viewing?

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      Dave Jerrard

      I am using the most current version of Starry Night pro, 6.4.3.

      Yesterday I was looking for satellite that passed near Jupiter a few days earlier, and found two:  Sirius FM6 and IUE.  Today, neither of those satellites is even listed in Starry Night, and neither will show up in a search. I have not changed any software in the past several days.  Where did these go? 

      I've tried increasing the number of satellites that are loaded on start up and still no luck. I've run the manual update data files several times and still no luck.  I've quit & restarted Starry Night several times now, and again, no luck. How do I get these (and any other missing satellites) back?

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      Dave Jerrard

      Update:  I tried running Starry Night on my other machine, without updating files.  It couldn't find IUE (which I only know about because I found that on Starry Night yesterday), but it did find Sirius FM6.

      I ran the Update Data Files and then ran the software again.  Sirius FM6 is now missing from that install too.

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      Jeffrey Edmonds

      I have Star Night Pro Plus and on two occasions now, the equipment (telescopes, CCD cameras, eyepieces, etc.) have gone missing. I left the program open and they were working and when I came back to it later the only things left were the Rigel quickfinder and telrad. this is very frustrating given the time it takes to enter 4-5 scopes, CCds, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Mark Poole

      Like Jeffrey Edmonds, I'm using Starry Night Pro Plus version 8 and just lost all of my equipment and field-of-view entries that I've been using and updating for a couple of years. What happened? Where's my data?