What computer should I buy to use with Starry Night software?


    Apple is my preferred recommendation and personal choice. Any of the latest Macbook Pros or iMacs will be quite sufficient for running Starry Night. Currently, OSX 10.10 is available - Yosemite.

    If you want a PC I advise choosing a LONG established name brand computer; i.e. Dell or HP, etc, and NOT a new player to the PC market; i.e. Samsung or Acer - or other newly emerging PC brand name. This relates to why I suggest Apple over Windows. There are just a million different ways to put PCs together. And, whatever computer you decide to purchase needs to be supported very well, for many years, in order to get your ROI. But, support infrastructure (and the customer experience of it) is a growing pain for new brands.  I believe established PC manufacturers, in general, keep everything up to date and offer the best support platforms for your experience. 

    Thats why the established brands are my preferred choice.

    That is my 2c worth :)