Error message: ASCOM Plug-in Dialog Box Error Message: Failed to create or open the plug in's registry area


    Please right-click the Starry Night application in the (C:)-->Program Files folder and choose "Run as Admin". Please let me know if this works for you.


    On Windows 8 see this KB article:


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      Tim Hall

      I tried the process above.  Still can't configure telescope.  I did not get these step in my install: 


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      Aaron McDonald

      I have a similar issue except my error pop up states "Failed to find the ascom scope chooser component; Is it installed?". I ran as Admin, uninstalled, reinstalled as Admin, and have ran it as Admin each time. I also did not get the option as shown above to actually install the ACSOM platform. Please help; this "out of the box" experience is very disappointing. My StarSense arrives in a few days and I would like this to be ready and waiting. Thank you!