Updater error Message: There is no Starry Night application present in the folder you have selected. Please choose the correct application


    The Problem: The Starry Night updater cannot find the Starry Night Application.


    If you look at the path the updater is searching in this example (yours may be different) it is:

    E:\Programs\Starry Night\Starry Night Pro 6

    The origin of the problem:


    If you look at the TRUE path to the starrynight.exe application it is found here:

    E:\Programs\Starry Night

    The Solution:


    1. Click OK on the error message.

    2. Rewrite the file path as seen in the updater. So, change the text...

    from the incorrect pathway:

    E:\Programs\Starry Night\Starry Night Pro 6

    to the correct pathway:

    E:\Programs\Starry Night

    As seen in the image above.

    3. Press the Install button.

    Why this happens...

    This issue result, in most cases, from installing into or moving Starry Night away from its default location.


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      Edward Glass

      If I have to move all the programs plus data to the default directory

      this is a case of poor, non-robust programming of the updater.