Starry Night Pro Plus may not have installed properly


    Originally from ticket #6344.

    After inserting my copy of Starry Night Pro Plus (bought in 2007 or 2008) into my laptop purchased in 2010, I put in Disk 1, then I get asked for Disk 2. But when I put in Disc 2, it only runs for about 20 seconds before I get a message that says "Done" When I click on that, I get a message that says "Starry Night may not have installed correctly." Nothing else happens. No program installed. When I choose "Re-install with recommended settings" from the next prompt, that prompt closes and nothing happens. What gives?


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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Peter,

      First, Install the latest version of Java from .

      Second, install using compatibility mode. With the disc in the drive, click Start -> Computer. Double-click on your optical (DVD/CD) drive to view its contents. (Ignore or cancel the program if it starts to install.) Right-click on the Setup or Install icon and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility." Follow the instructions on screen. If you are asked for a compatibility mode, choose "Windows XP."

      Does that work for you?

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      John Fillion

      I have not yet installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I am starting to realize from all this talk abou "XP Compatibility" means that Starry Night Pro Plus 6 is Not compatible with Windows 7 as advertized.

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      Keiron Smith

      Starry Night 6 is fully compatible with Windows Xp/Vista/7 & 8.  The XP compatibility issue arises when using the older installation discs that were written for XP only.  All Starry Night downloads from the online store, as well as recently shipped discs from our store, are fully compatible with all Windows OS going back to XP.  

      Please submit a ticket request for assistance if you need any help with your installation.

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      i downloaded the program for windows, then when i click the shortcut on my home screen, it tells me " the program cant start QTCF.dll is missing from computer". what should I do?

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      Keiron Smith

      HI Brandon,

      Please right-click and choose "Run as Admin".


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