Angular Separation Tool (Enthusiast, CSAP, Orion Special Edition)


    1. The Starry Night angular separation control was designed with a
    mouse in mind, so if you have a mouse you can plug during use of
    Starry Night, that would be optimal.

    2. When you have the arrow on your object press down on the very
    bottom left corner of the Mac trackpad using your index finger. While
    pressing down on the corner take your middle finger and swipe/drag
    down, top to bottom, or swipe/drag away from just above your index
    finder. Its not easy. You will probably have to try a few times until
    you *hit* it.

    3.  For angular separation, the trick is to put the very tip of the
    arrow on top of the object. So, if selecting a star, make the tip of
    the arrow just cover the star. Then try the finger swiping.