Why is each student asked to register the product?


    Starry Night preferences, including registration, are saved for each unique user account. For a managed environment such as a computer lab, this means that each non-admin user can have their own settings without affecting the settings of another user that logs onto the same computer. However this applies to the registration number as well, meaning that each non-admin user on a computer will be asked to register Starry Night.

    There are two possible solutions.

    Solution A (Recommended - Version 6 only)

    Make sure that your Starry Night program is up to date byvisiting our updates page. Then find the Resources folder in your Starry Night installation. The location is as follows:

    On Windows: Browse to C:/Program Files/Starry Night/Sky Data/Resources/ 

    On the Mac: Browse to Applications/Starry Night -> right-click on the program icon and choose Show Package Contents -> Contents/Resources/Sky Data/Resources/ 

    In the Resources folder there will be a file with a single-letter name and an .ssd extension, such as y.ssd or p.ssd . Open this folder in a text editor (Notepad on Windows; or Text Wrangler on Mac). Copy the following two lines into the file:

    <SN_VALUE name="LicenseeName" value="Username">
    <SN_VALUE name="LicenseNumber" value="Registration Number"

    Replace the text that says Username with your own Starry Night username, and replace the text that says Registration Number with your own registration number. Save this file.  Any user of that program on that computer will no longer be asked to register the product each time.

    If you don't find the p.ssd file on your computer download the one attached to this KB article. 


    Solution B (version 5)

    Register the software on an admin-account and then copy and paste the Registration File onto each non-admin users account.

    On the Mac, the registration file can be found in <admin user> - Library - Preferences - Space.com - <product i.e. "Pro"> - Registration File. Copy the Registration File and place it on the users account under the same path.

    On Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista the Registration File can be found in My Computer - Local Disk- Users - <user account> - App Data* - Local - Imaginova Canada - Prefs - <product i.e. "Pro">.

     On Windows XP, the Registration File can be found in My Computer - Local Disk- Documents and Settings - <user account> - Local Settings - Application Data* - Imaginova Canada - Prefs - <product i.e. "Pro">.

    *Note that the AppData folder (Application Data on Windows XP) may be hidden from view. To see hidden folders select Folder options from the Tools menu in the File Explorer window. Then in the window that opens, click on the "View" tab and select "Show hidden files and folders" in the Hidden files and folders section of the Advanced settings box