Geological200MyAgo option is not available (Starry Night College 6.4.6 Freeman)

    In "Investigating Astronomy" by Timothy Slater.  Chapter 5 in the observing projects, #2 page 139. The question asks to select favourites>Investigating Astronomy>Earth then right click on the Earth and select Surface Image/Model>Geological200MyAgo.  But Geological200MyAgo option is not available.

    The textbook also says to select surface image/model>geological65MyAgo and surface Image/Model>Geological Present and Geological Future

    The missing folders are attached.  Download the zip file, unzip (right click --> extract all)  and place all four folders in the following locations.

    On Windows: C:\Program Files(x86)\Starry Night College\Sky Data\Planet Images\Earth\

    On Mac: RIght click the Starry Night College program and choose "Show Package Contents" then navigate Contents\Resources\SkyData\PlanetImages\Earth


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      Woods Lena123

      how do you find "C:\Program Files(x86)\Starry Night Pro Plus 6\Sky Data\Planet Images\Earth\"? I've searched for sky data and planet images in starry night 6 but I'm not finding where to put the folders at. is there a specific way that i can get there? also, i'm not seeing the mac osx folder.