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    On Windows:

    VMware Player 3.1.5 (latest 3.x version) and Starry Night work together - but, seeing other problems with the COM ports.

    VMWare Player 4.0.1 running XP Home Edition and Starry Night 6.4.3 do not work together - Starry Night crashes during start up.

    VMWare Workstation 7 & 8 and Starry Night 6.4.3 work together - but not fully tested for telescope control.


    Starry Night on Windows 7 in VirtualBox works but the 3D support is sluggish and far from ideal.


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      I run virtualbox on linux (previously ubuntu 10.10, now linux mint 14 with Mate interface and virtualbox 4.1.18).   I run photoshop, imagesplus, starry night pro and canon digital photo professional in windows 7 home edition inside virtualbox on a 4 core I7 machine with 12 GBytes ram.  Everything works fine.  I do not have experience with starry night pro on a native windows machine, but response is quite nice.  The only problem is if the update manager updates virtualbox, one must uninstall guest additions within windows, and install the correct updated guest additions.  If you don't do that, programs may not run, or file access gets errors.

      Roger Clark

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      Keiron Smith

      Thanks, Roger, for sharing your experience!