Enthusiast 6 Registration Issue (Download Only)


    Originally from ticket #4764.


    I have carefully read and followed all directions for registering Starry Night Enthusiast 6 downloaded last evening.  It will not accept the registration number, although it starts and runs but without saving my registration - meaning I have to laboriously enter the number by hand every time to start the program.

    Problem:  the registration box will not accept cut and paste information

    Problem: the registration box does not give a green checkmark no matter how many times I try, carefully copying the user name and number that were emailed to me.

    Problem: the program does not remember my name or registration number

    I am running OS X 10.7.3.

    Please help me fix these problems.


    Delos Lutton



    Hi Delos,

    Thank you for contacting Starry Night Support. My name is Keiron, and I'm here to help.

    I find that your registration is valid and works on Mac 10.7.3 & Starry Night Enthusiast 6. Please copy and paste both user name and the registration information. To paste on Mac use Command+V.

    Dear Keiron,

    The problem is or was apparently with Apple's firmware for the MacBook Pro. I just downloaded and installed a firmware update for my MacBook Pro purchased in 2011. Then I started Starry Night Enthusiast and everything now seems to work the way it should. It now retains my registration information so I do not have to re-enter it every time it starts up.

    I never did see a green check mark, though.

    Maybe you could notify all concerned in case other MacBook Pro users have or develop this problem.

    Sorry to bother you.


    Delos Lutton