You have reached the download limit!



    Welcome to the download limit landing page!  If you are reading this you have attempted to download our software many, many times - and have not succeeded as of yet.  I'm sure you are now very frustrated with the downloading process, and we are not happy about your difficulty either!  We strive to provide fast and efficient software delivery at all times.  Our servers are optimized to provide downloads as fast as your ISP (internet service provider) will permit.  Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why your download speed may still be too slow to deliver our software fast and efficiently.  


    1.  In order to balance service across all their customers ISP's are known to choke bandwidth channels when heavy downloading is recognized.

    2.  For security reasons, some ISP's will time out after a certain length of time.

    3.  Any torrent software, running on your computer in the background, may be hogging all the bandwidth that is available for downloading.

    4.  Spyware and malware can affect downloading speeds.

    5.  Web browser plugins and internet security options can affect downloading speeds.  For example, Internet Explorer imposes a time-out limit.

    6.  Antivirus software.  


    So, you need to try downloading again.  


    In order to help us monitor and develop solutions for this issue we would appreciate information about your downloading speed.  If you have the time please go to and click "begin test".  The website will show your download speed (in the top - middle).  Please provide your download speed information, plus the type of internet connection and ISP (i.e Bell DSL - if you know it) in the ticket.  Thank you very much for your help with this matter.

    We will reset your download link.  Plus, we have some advice to help you.  

    1.  Do not use Internet Explorer - try Google Chrome or Firefox.  If you were using one of these, try the other.  What is often important here is the clean installation of a new browser so it has no plugins, etc.  My preference is Google Chrome - I find it incredibly dependable for resolving this issue.

    2.  Cancel any other torrents/ downloads/streaming running in the background

    3.  Log directly into your email account using the standard web-based email service.  Do not download using a specialized email client that forwards the Starry Night Downloads and Registration email from the original email account.

    4.  Close all unnecessary programs and windows on your computer.  It can be difficult to see web browser prompts, and find the downloaded files, if many unused programs are still open, cluttering the desktop.

    5.   Download the installer onto another computer and/or from another ISP location, and then transport it to your computer of choice by disk or usb stick (if your internet is very slow, this is highly advisable).


    To have your download link reset please submit a ticket (using the Submit A Request option at the top of this webpage), write "Download Limit Reached" in the Search Common Issues field.  In the Description field ask to have the download link reset.  Please also provide the other requested information in the ticket.