XP Compatibility Mode and Vista


    The Issue:  When I insert my Starry Night DVD on Vista it proceeds to load. I select "Full Install" and leave all the other items at default.  After only a few seconds, I get the screen that says "Install complete". However, nothing else happens. I can not find an icon to start the software. 

    The Problem:  Older versions of Starry Night (XP compatible only) need to be installed on Vista using special procedures.

    The solution: 

    First, visit http://www.java.com and follow the instructions to download and install Java.

    Second, put the disc in the drive, and if it starts trying to install, cancel it.

    Click on Start -> Computer and double-click on the CD/DVD drive to view the contents. There should be an icon called Setup or Install; right-click on that and choose Properties.

    The Properties window should have tabs like file folder labels across the top. Click the one that says Compatibility.

    In the Compatibility window, you'll see a checkbox that says "Run in compatibility mode for..." and then a menu. Check the box, and then click the menu and choose Windows XP SP2. Also check the box that says "Run as administrator".

    Click Apply and OK to close this window, and then double-click the Install or Setup icon in the Starry Night disc. This should let it install properly. Let me know if you get stuck.

    Please let me know if this helps information helps you to install Starry Night on Vista.


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      John Tarantino

      This worked perfect!