How to use Teamviewer (Mac OSX)


    1.  Please download the following software to start the remote control tool TeamViewer Quicksupport:

    2.  When the download is complete double click on the Teamviewer.dmg
    file (See the Teamviewer Dmg image - this is what the file looks
    like).  It is probably located in your OSX ---> Downloads folder.


    3.  A blue & white window will open with the Teamviewer application in
    it (See Teamviewer Application image).  Double click on the teamviewer


    4.  If a window opens that alerts you to the fact that you are opening
    a file downloaded from the internet choose "Open" (See Teamviewer
    Alert image).


    5.  On your desktop, a Teamviewer QuickSupport panel will open with an
    9 digit ID and 4 digit Password (See Teamviewer ID/PW image).  Please
    send me the ID and PW you see in your Teamviewer panel.


    Please follow this step by step guide for downloading and installing
    Teamviewer.  If you encounter any difficulty please tell me at which
    step you are having trouble.