How to use Teamviewer (Windows PC)


    1. Click the link below:

    2.  The TeamviewerQS_en.exe file will download.  You can see it at the bottom left hand corner of the Google Chrome browser in the screenshot below.  The file can also be found in your Downloads folder.  Double-click on the TeamviewerQS_en.exe file in order to initiate the remote software.  See image below.




    3.  A prompt window will ask you if you want to run this program.  Choose "Run".  See image below.




    4.  Another prompt window will ask you if you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer.    Choose "Yes".  See image below.




    5.  A blue Teamviewer panel will open up with your 9 digit ID and 4 digit Password.  Send your ID and PW to the Simulation Curriculum support agent - then they will connect remotely to your computer.  See image below.




    Congratulations!  You have set up remote, and we will have you fixed up asap!  


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      Chuck Billo

      OK. so how do I send that ID to the SimCurr agent???