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[UI Issue]* Orbit Icon Missing When Using “Inverse Monochrome Chart” Mode

If you find yourself in orbit mode and you are using “Inverse Monochrome Chart” (which is actually quite useful for those of folks who learned on paper) read on.

There is a bug where the earth icon will not display in this mode.

The workaround is to go into Settings |  Appearance & Behavior and switch back to the color chart mode.

This will now display the earth icon so you can exit the orbit mode (which isn’t very useful).

It doesn’t look like the developers review these posts (at least not mine) so I suspect this will be an issue for some time.  Hope this helps others.



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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you for the report.

    I can not reproduce the issue.

    Please provide the following info:

    1. App and version.  See Help > scroll to the bottom.
    2. iOS version.
    3. Device make and model.

    Yes, we are reading everything in the community forums.


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    Thanks, I’ve not seen any activity on the other bugs I’ve reported or commented on/upvoted.

    Here is the requested info:


    Sky Safari 7 Pro 7.1.3 (1060)


    IPadOS 16.1.1 (20B101)


    And model 5th Gen IPad Air (M1 chip)


    I’m not able to NOT get this to fail.


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