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[IAPs]* SkySafari 7 Pro In-Apps Are Broken (Answer: Developers Will Release A Fix In The 7.2 Update)

SkySafari Pro 7’s (SSP7) in-app download code is totally broke—did you guys even test this before sending the app to the App Store? I purchased 2 of the 3 databases (now free) with SSP6 (GAIA & PCG). Approximately 2 weeks ago, I purchased SSP7 and the very first thing I attempted to do was restore the purchases (actually all free now). I went through reach database’s free acquisition which worked fine. However, nothing would install until I issued the, “Restore Purchase” feature. This feature is absolutely useless. Upon my first attempt all 3 databases began to install and then seem to hang. I have a 1GB fiber connection—940MB up & down with a dedicated WiFi radio for mobile devices—needless to say, my iPhone’s i-net connection is at my phone’s max bandwidth. After 20 minutes, I gave up & forced quit SSP7. After reloading, the in-app screen showed 1 of the 3 databases installed. So, I attempted the Restore Purchases option again and all 3 databases all start downloading from scratch again—wash, rinse, repeat. Please get this in-app download facility fixed IMMEDIATELY and issue an update.

Attempting to receive tech support for this issue is a complete joke. After totally filling out a request form I’m now forced to have to do this all over again on your forum. Incidentally, I accessed support from within SSP7—your app should’ve me taken directly to the forum so I didn’t waste my time having write this message all over again (luckily I copy as I write support messages—learned the hard way long ago with support site’s refreshing and blowing away mesaages). This kind of sloppiness is why I walked away from Starry Night. I’m about to the same with SSP7.

By the way, sharing ideas on your forum is one thing, but trying to save money by subcontracting out your tech support to your customers is ridiculous—especially if a customer is trying to convey a glaring bug!!!!!!!


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