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Basic Encoders Go-to command

I've used Skysafari Plus's "basic encoders" a lot to connect with my DIY telescope digital setting circles. (See and the linked Cloudynights thread)

It seems to work in a simple way: sending a "Q" query command, and expecting and encoders position response. 


Sadly, when I configure the telescope as "Basic Encoders", even if set the type as "alt azimuth Go-to", the goto button remains disabled.


It would be very easy for the Skysafari developers to send a "G" command (analogous to the current Q command) followed by two encoder positions, so that the Skysafari "Go-to" button could be enabled. This would make it enormously easier for DIY builders to make go-to telescopes using Skysafari as a "hand controller".


When the scope type is set as " alt as push to" the goto could remain disabled to prevent issues with legacy Nexus systems.

Then the type is set as "alt as push to", this new go-to command should be usable.


Is this something we can hope for?


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    Bill Tschumy

    What command protocol uses "G" followed by an RA/Dec?  Are there also commands for slewing using buttons?  If this is an established protocol, we can look into supporting it (although you are the very first to ask in 7 years).  If is is just something you cooked up yourself, then I doubt we can afford to spend the time adding it.

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    Vladimir Atehortúa

    No, not RA/DEC.

    The point is, precisely that Skysafari already takes "alt azimuth" (not RA/DEC) coordinates for push to, and already does all the sidereal time calculations (making a great push to that does not need to be setup with date, time nor location)

    It would be a new protocol: one where Skysafari would send a GoTo command in alt/az (not RA/dec), and yes, why not slewing commands.

    If I'm the first to ask, it's because such a protocol won't ever come from Synta/GSO. They want to sell $99 hand controllers for their legacy mounts. If Skysafari wrote it, it could become the standard "hand controller" for DIY GoTo systems, competing with servocat, XXg upgrades, etc.

    It could be another "pro" feature to make the upgrade from plus attractive for ATMers.

    But of course, it's just a feature request. Skysafari will remain just as useful without it.

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    Bill Tschumy

    Thanks for clarifying.  I said RA/Dec, because that is what all GoTo systems  (even Alt/Az mounts) expect in their protocol.

    I can keep your request in mind, but realistically I don't think this could happen anytime soon.  We are pretty swamped with other higher priority features right now.

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