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Starry Night 8 / FOV rotation angle


The FOV rotation angle allows to properly rotate a photo camera, with regards to the telescope mount, in order to image a galaxy (for example) with the most appropriate angle. Also, with a dual CCD chip (i.e. main chip for imaging + second chip dedicated to autoguiding), the FOV rotation angle allows to find the best guiding star (usually the brightest star around) previously identified. As opposed to other comparable simulation apps, including Starry Night 6 Pro, it seems that the FOV rotation angles in SN 8 Pro are defined with regards to the LOCAL axes rather than to the EQUATORIAL axes... thus being totally unusable when it comes to find the appropriate rotation angle that must be used to rotate a photocamera in order to image a given deep sky object.

Is there a way to make SN8 Pro behave like comparable apps i.e. consider the FOV rotation angles with regards to the equatorial coordinates rather than to the local coordinates ?

Thank you for your help.


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    Stéphane Dumont

    Also, the FOV rotation angle shown in SN8 is incorrect : it should be a polar angle but surprisingly it is not, it turns clockwise instead of counterclockwise as it should for astronomical work such as, for example, measuring a double star polar angle.
    I can't understand why it is so, while in Starry Night Pro 6 all this used to be correct.

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    Keiron Smith


    This is a known issue/request.

    Please UPvote and follow the discussion here:

    [Feature Request] FoV Rotation Is Alt-Az And Should Be Celestial For Astrophotography


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