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Starry Night 8 Night Vision, LiveSky Account, and Other Issues

I recently upgraded to 8 through the Father's Day sale and found out that the Night Vision no longer works. Additionally, the program keeps asking me to register for a free LiveSky account even though I have already logged in. These are two new problems I've noticed since the upgrade.

An old problem that has carried over from 7 is that the program would often lose its "focus" and freeze after I switch out to use another program and back while having a message window open. For example, if I have my Local Horizon option window open while another program takes the "focus" because of a pop-up message, after I switch back to SN I wouldn't be able to get back to the Local Horizon window and the program is stuck. The only thing I could do at this point is to use the task manager to shut it down and restart it. I have never experienced another program acting this way and was hoping the upgrade would fix a longstanding and yet basic issue like this.


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    Is there any support available? The product is buggy and I haven't seen any updates since purchase. What is the return policy?

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