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SN8 Downloading Link Errors Using EERO WiFi Network (Solution: EERO Blocks Suspicious Links - Read On!)

I recently purchased Starry Night Pro Plus 8, but when I attempted to download the software the browser reported an error: (can't connect to the server). After running some test downloads, I discovered the cause of the download link problem. My internet connection is through a fiber optic connection that is managed by an EERO WIFi mesh network system. It turns out that the security feature in the EERO will block access to network links it thinks are a potential threat. Unfortunately, its range of allowed network connections is severely limited. I found that if I entered the download link for SN8 as being specifically allowed in the EERO, then I was able to successfully download Starry Night. I have installed SN8 and it appears to be OK. If other customers have an EERO mesh WiFi network then they should be alerted about the draconian security on the EERO.

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks for your report!

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