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[Bug]* Starry Night 8 Pro Plus Multiple Bugs Reported And Suggested Improvements/Requests

Thank you so much for the improvements made with Starry Night 8 Pro Plus. The new cross-indexed deep sky database and syncing data with SkySafari is making Starry Night my most used reference for exploring the night sky with my telescope. The deepsky database is the most important aspect of astronomy software. Thank you for finally taking this seriously. This update is the best yet for Starry Night. There are issues however that maybe bugs or oversights by the developers that I want them to be aware of.

Advanced find for observing logs does not work, period. All search criteria I enter it displays 100% of my logs on the side panel to the right.

Observing Sessions shows the same end time as the start time. No matter how many times I correct, end time is same as start. It does upload to LiveSky correctly though.

The observing logs that I enter in Starry Night with an entry for faintest star does not transfer to SkySafari. Faintest star data is shown in LiveSky but not SkySafari. Also, when I enter faintest star in SkySafari it will not push that data to LiveSky. This maybe a bug with SkySafari.

When I am using my Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop with 4K screen and I go to Observe – Sites and I click on New or Edit, the Starry Night window gets really small. This is in Windows 10. When I have my laptop connected to my non-4K external monitor I can add and edit sites fine.

There is no way to tell if I observed an object or not with observing list as displayed on side panel on the right. There is a column header for log entries, but it displays nothing. I can’t even resize that column as I can with the others. When I hover my mouse along that column a button pops up to add a log entry. Is this column not functioning as it should? I just want to quickly see if I logged the object or not.

All galaxies just have a perfect circle outlining them. All other software since the 90’s, including SkySafari, uses an oval that represents elongation and position angle. This very standard feature that Starry Night seems to be missing, is important for galaxy identification when hunting these dim fuzzies with a telescope.

The Users Guide on page 150 says there are 1,500 outlines for nebula and dark nebula. I can’t find these in Starry Night. It was there during beta testing but was taken out towards the end. This is very important at finding and identifying nebula with telescopes. Outlines for dark nebula would be a super groovy, most awesome, tears of joy, killer feature of Starry Night that no other program has. This would separate Starry Night from the pack and make it much more attractive for serious deepsky observers. Can this be reinstated or am I missing it?

Dark nebula does not have an opacity rating. Dark nebula have an opacity rating of 1 to 6 with 6 being the most opaque.  

Double and variable star data is very poor. Object info for double stars just list a separation that is greater or less than 10” instead of actual separation. There is no info on how many stars and magnitudes of the components. To be fair, you can zoom in to find this info but it is an extra and unintuitive step. Object info for variable stars just states it’s a variable star, the end. Does not list minimum or maximum magnitudes and periods of variability. SkySafari has this data.

Thank you and congratulations on the release of Starry Night 8


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