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[SNPP8] character of "Long date" format corruption in a japanese language environment

would you do me a favor? I need some help.
i am using starrynight 8 pro plus (windows edition) in a japanese language environment.
"Long date" format in "time and date" toolbar turn into garbled characters. (fig.1)
so i change the Reginal format into "English (UnitedStates)" rather then "Japanese(Japan)",
then "January" strings are correctly displayed.(fig.2)

there are many possible solutions....
(1) starrynight set and use europian "Long date" format forcibly.
(2) allow me to change the font of "time and date" toolbar,
    then i use font that can display japanese 2-byte character.

if that tells you anything, this specification has not changed
since Starry Night version 2 from Sienna Software.

#--- my WINDOWS 10 configulation
 -> Time & language
    -> region
       -> Reginal format
           -> Japanese(Japan)        #--- fig.1 "Long date" format turn into garbled characters
           -> English (UnitedStates) #--- fig.2 "January" strings are correctly displayed

#--- machine environment
  OS      : WINDOWS 10 PRO (October 2018 Update,version 1809)
  PRODUCT : StarryNight 8 Pro Plus



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