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[LiveSky]* Error Synchronizing Astronomical Equipment Data (Eyepieces) Between SkySafari 6 LiveSky And Starry Night Pro 8

The focal length of my Orion Sirius Plössl 7.5 mm eyepiece that I added some time ago in SkySafari, appears in LiveSky as Orion Sirius Plössl 8 mm (I guess it is an approximation due to the conversion of the metric system to the imperial system).

However, the problem is more acute in StarryNight Pro 8, where the focal length of that eyepiece is transformed from 7.5 mm to 75 mm.I added yesterday, again, another Orion Sirius Plössl 7.5 mm eyepiece (to check if it was an error in my edition or had a synchronization problem). The error persists.


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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Esteban, 

    Thank you for the illustrated reported of this issue.  

    We should have it fixed for the next update.


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    Esteban Javier Millan Rivas

    I also made a request about the same problem, because I did not know if I would receive any reply here.

    I added a new screen captures to this request.

    I created a new eyepiece from Starry Night 8 (7.5mm) and synchronized correctly in SkySafari 6. In LiveSky it does not appear correctly.

    Thanks for answering.A greeting.

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    Dave Whipps


    I have just pushed a fix to for the displayed precision. (This was only an error with the display, it was not actually modifying the underlying value.)

    I'm unable to reproduce the problem in the latest version of Starry Night. I believe this was fixed in the previous release. Can you confirm that it's now working properly in Starry Night?

    - Dave

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    Esteban Javier Millan Rivas

    Hi Dave:

    This morning (local time) I manually deleted all the entries referring to the ocular that appeared with erroneous data (reassigning a new eyepiece to the observations).

    Take the opportunity to rename the eyepieces (adding the suffix mm.)

    Now the values appear correctly in LiveSky (attached image).

    However in SNPro8, the eyepieces that I deleted (in SkySafari) this morning still appear.

    I do not know if this list should be updated (synchronized) with the data that is currently in LiveSky.

    Should I force the synchronization in some way?

    Right now the eyepieces are not updated.SN Pro 8 version

    I have not tried manually removing these eyepieces in SN because I assumed that SN would synchronize this data and update the list by correcting this.

    Greetings and thank you.

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    Esteban Javier Millan Rivas

    Finally, after all the day without synchronizing (removing the eyepieces that I had already removed in the morning from SkySafari)

    I decided to manually remove the eyepieces in StarryNight.I tried to force synchronization on LiveSky.

    For this, I thought that if I disconnected my LiveSky account from the StarryNight software and then reconnected my username and password, this would reset the information and the data would be the same in SkySafari, StarryNight, and LiveSky.

    Finally, I did not know how to do this.

    Now I have repaired the data of my eyepieces manually. I hope they solve those problems of synchronization with the cloud.

    Good evening and happy starry sky.

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