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SNpp8 windows installer 'custom install' option ProgramData folders Bug was present still in May 3 download

the known windows installer bug "ProgramData "Starry Night Prefs" folder needing to be renamed to "Starry Night 8 Prefs"" was still there in my 2019 May 3 download of windows installer SNpp 

I selected "custom install" & "will install entire feature on disk" for each item to load all the packages since I am often offline while observing plus I do not like lag & patchwork in the AllSky Image when 'streaming'...

I noticed 3D objects like planets etc had no textures,  streaming files & lag in AllSky image which led me to check the SkyData & ProgramData locations...and found I needed to rename the folder in ProgramData (then delete the duplicate streamed data from my "Sky Data" folder.


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