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[Inspire] Add Links & Screenshots Of Your Favorite Uses Of Starry Night :-)

Keiron did suggest we use this forum also for great highlights as well;-) RE:" Please help one another make the most of Starry Night 8."

My understanding is the yahoo group is deprecated & I loved the old 'great astro links section' there.

           Please inspire others ( i.e. :-) by adding to this post your 'that is interesting, cool, awesome, wow, etc.' Starry Night use moments plus links to great sources of data to add to Starry Night.

            A basic example to start, I like to use Starry Night as a 'library index' for my favorite APOD, Hubble, ESA, NASA images & see the USNO stars (& even quasars) lineup in those favorite images:  I use Aladin to help me.

Aladin link:

            "Aladin Desktop & Aladin Lite are developed by the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg. Both are distributed under GPL v3 licence."

I look forward to seeing your favorites.  Thanks & Enjoy!  Kind regards, Chadwick

             (fyi note: In your browser, using 'open image in new tab' then clicking the image in the new tab to zoom in enables you to see the full resolution of the images posted on this forum.  For example, the screenshot images below are of a 1920x1080 screen & a 2560x1440 screen.)


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    Keiron Smith

    An excellent, and inspiring, idea!  

    Thanks, Chadwick!

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