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[Bug]* SkySafari 6 Pro on Android + Celestron StarSense Plate Solve Fail

I have recently updated to a new Samsung Galaxy A70 phone and I cannot achieve a StarSense auto align on my Celestron Evolution EdgeHD with SkySafari 6. I have no problem aligning with my old Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. On both phones I have the latest version of SkySafari Ver and I have updated the firmware on my telescope, mount etc just last week.
I am in Melbourne Australia at -38 degrees latitude. I always point the telescope to the North and horizontal before starting alignment. The first alignment point (approx 30 deg alt and 5 deg az) always completes successfully. When the scope moves to the second point (approx 45 deg alt and 100 deg az) the scope appears to go the usual point but the display on the phone shows a sudden large shift in azimuth that does not match the actual location of the scope. At this point the alignment fails and the scope continues to try other alignment points without success.
I can successfully do a StarSense auto align with the old S5 phone and with the hand controller.
Are there any known issues with the Samsung Galaxy A70 phone.
Ron Roper

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