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Starry Night 8, SkysSafari 6 and LiveSky FOV Indicator Synching Issue

Hello, I just installed a fresh copy of Starry Night 8 Pro Plus and am trying to set up my telescope equipment and FOV Indicators.  The issue is after I set them all up in Starry Night, if I open SkySafari 6, Starry Night deletes all of the equipment and FOV indicators.  But when I look at and SkySafari I still see the FOV indicators there.  I try to resign into LiveSky in Starry Night 8 but it has no affect.  I tried deleting all of the existing equipment from Starry Night, SkySafari and verified none were left in LiveSky and tried to add the equipment again in Starry Night but again after launching SkySafari the data deletes from Starry Night.




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    Shawn Grant

    I am getting the same issue. FOV is fine in SkySafari and live sky but Starry Night does not recognize them.

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    I disabled the syncing in Starry Night for the time being as the equipment kept deleting out of Starry Night leaving the FOV's as you show them.  I hope they notice this soon as this post has gone unacknowledged for a week now.

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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi, we're wokring on it. There was a discussion in a different thread.

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