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[Bug] SkySafari 6 Pro - Multiple issues


I'm running SkySafari 6 Pro (

I've encountered several issues that I want to report. I hope this is the correct place to report them, as I didn't find a bug section. 

1. Comments text boxes (e.g. in an observation details screen) don't allow text scrolling. Therefore, after entering a long comment, text below comment box height is not accessible. 

2. When multiple sections are available on the same screen, a list of items that comprises a single section can't be scrolled. The scrolling simply moves on to the next section.
For example, if multiple items are added to the Observe -> Scope Display -> FIELDS OF VIEW section by using the Add FOV Indicator button (in my case 14 items), some items are not displayed at all, and the last one displayed is cut before the next section (FIELD OF VIEW DISPLAY OPTIONS) begins.
(please see attached screenshot)

3. In the EDIT screen of the same list, scrolling is also not supported. Thus, DELETING list items that are not shown (because they're "down" the list), is impossible.
(The only way to overcome this is delete some other items to shorten the list and then get access to the previously not displayed ones).

4. In the EDIT screen, the top level buttons (up/down arrows and delete) disappear when list is scrolled down. Intuitively, I'd expect them to float at top of screen even when scrolling down.
(In the current situation, after choosing an item to delete, one needs to scroll up to the top of the screen to gain access to the DELETE button. Re-ordering is even more tricky, since when pressing the up/down button, one doesn't see the actual movement of the item in question, as it is "below the screen").

5. When scope display is turned on, the side note displayed is too long and doesn't show relevant info. Especially for default, pre-loaded equipment (i.e. equipment that can be chosen from the built-in equipment library).
Consider a 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian by Explore Scientific + some Eye Piece. The important info for the scope display is the EP length. While the note that is displayed is "16" Truss Tube Dobsonian". The rest of the details are cut in any zoom level.
Since the default pre-loaded equipment lists also can't be edited, the names can't be shortened.
(One could of course create a duplicate equipment item with a shorter name, but that would kind of beat the purpose of the pre-existing lists).

6. Delete Session hangs app with the waiting circle circling indefinitely.
Force closing and restarting the app will still show "deleted" session in the list of sessions. However, pressing seems to refresh the list and it disappears.

7. Also, the issue described in the following link was resolved but almost on the same day re-appeared: 


It would be great if the issues could be addressed.


Many thanks,

-= Volcane =-



#6 seems to be resolved in ver. 

#8 When using Create New Observation for some object, an Untitled Session is auto-generated in the sessions list. 
Consider having a session during which 10 objects are observed and 10 new observations are created. This produces 10 Untitled Sessions in the session list at least 9 of which now have to be manually deleted.
Also, since a new observation is not automatically associated with the auto-generated session anyway, it would probably be best to let the user manually create a session if an association between multiple observations is needed.



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    Totally agree on #4, this should be changed. #s 2 & 3 might have been fixed in the most recent update. I'm using

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    - Volcane -

    Thanks for the pointer regarding ver.

    I just updated the app and double checked.

    Unfortunately all of the issues I detailed are still present.

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    - Volcane -

    Added 2 updates to the original post under Edit at the bottom.

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    Darn! They're going to ask first what device and version of Android you're using.

    Also, I've seen the issue with automatic generation of new sessions and it had something to do with the location settings...maybe it's set to current location and therefore slight movements make it appear your location has changed and therefore a new session should be created? OR your location is set to one thing, current location, and the location chosen in the observation is a specific defined location?

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    - Volcane -

    Hi Chris,

    Again thanks for the pointers.

    #7 is clearly Android version dependent and the whole thing is detailed in the dedicated thread I mentioned above.
    The other issues I described here, seem to be of a more general nature. I reproduced them on multiple Android versions.

    Regarding location, I don't let SkySafari access my location at all, and always use the same manual setting.
    So at least in my case, I don't think it's connected.

    I would guess, that every time Create New Observation is chosen, it triggers an auto-generation of an Untitled Session. The logic might have been that since a session association is allowed inside the New Observation screen, to be able to choose a session to be referenced by an observation, such a session must first be created. However, while this logic might hold for the first object of a particular session (in the case a user didn't manually create a session prior to starting to Create New Observations), it certainly doesn't hold for the following objects of the same session.

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