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Starry Night Pro Plus 8 - Galaxy Outlines

I am not able to see the outline of galaxies (when not in 3D mode)  I have been able to enable the display of galaxies under the '3D Galaxies' database under the display options.  All I can see are the identifiers of the galaxies.  I have tried every option available when I double-click on the '3D Galaxies' including brightness, bounding boxes, etc.  

I am able to see the mouse pointer switch modes when I hover over where the galaxy should be and I can then click to get more information on that galaxy.  That area where the mouse hover will change modes will grow if '3D Magnification' is increased.  ...but I cannot see where the boundaries of the galaxy objects actually are except through this indirect method. Also, I have selected to enable all of the color options for each galaxy database which does not work since I cannot see the galaxy outline itself. (I assume the outlines should change color depending on what galaxy database is in use for each such galaxy.)

I am running under Windows 10. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you



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