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Observing List Problems in StarryNIght Pro 8.06.1979

The commands for editing observing lists do not seem to be working according to the manual description.  When I open an observing list, select a group of items, then tell it to remove the items from the list, it still shows all the items in the list.  To try to get around this I went to Main Menu/Observe/Observing Lists and deleted the observing list thinking I could close the program, save the .snf file, restart and remake the observing list with just the items I want.  When I restart and reopen the .snf file then go to Main Menu/Observe/Observing List the Observing list is still there.  No matter what I try I can't get rid of it.  When I open it it still has all the items in it that were originally selected.  It is driving me crazy.

Update:  The observing list appears to delete when using the Delete button from the Main Menu/Observe/Observing List command and stays deleted if I open a different .snf file, but as soon as I shut down StarryNight then restart it, the observing list comes back.  How do you ever get rid it for good?  When I try to delete a site from my sites the same thing happens. As soon as I shutdown and restart StarryNight, the original my site list of sites is still there.

As a last resort I tried uninstalling StarryNight and reinstalling it.  When I first opened it up it did not ask me to set a home location.  It was already set up.  I opened up the site list and it still had my original saved sites in the list.  The observing list names were gone but the list still showed 2 lines with 0 for the number of targets on each line.  Question:were did the site data come from and where is this data being saved on the computer such that the uninstall did not remove it?  Also, where is the observing list data stored on the computer?

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    James Moldenhauer

    After re-installing StarryNight Pro 8, all the problems I was originally having with the software have disappeared.

    The original installation was performed using the "custom" option without downloading the extra files that would allow me to use certain features off-line.  When I opened the program it displayed an error message saying that the program failed to start because MSCVR100.dll was not found.  I followed the advice found on this forum on how to install the missing driver.  This enabled the program to run, but it was not behaving correctly.  The re-installation was performed using the "typical" option.  So why did the second installation work and not the first?  I don't think the type of installation should have made a difference.  The only answer I can think of is that MSCVR100 driver needed to be available during the installation, making it available after the installation was not good enough.


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