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How To Eliminate Lag Between Starry Night 8 And Orion Intelliscope XT10i? (Answer: Using The Hand Controller Input An Object To Locate - Read On!)

I have successfully connected an Intelliscope (Xt10i) to Starry Night 8 Orion Special Edition, but there is a ~5 second lag after moving the scope before the movement tracks on Starry Night.  Does anyone know how to eliminate this lag?  Not sure if this is something related to the scope, the software (software edition?), or some combination.  Thanks!  

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    Aaron Lottes

    I think I figured this out.  For anyone else that has this problem: after aligning and connecting, on the intelliscope controller I then input an object to locate.  At this point the software much more closely tracked the telescope movement (< 1 second delay).  Locating an object on the hand controller must increase the signal output rate.  

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