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Changing Log date/Time, Observations going missing


I might be missing something.  I don't want to take my computer with me, it's a desktop, so I make notes on a pencil/pad.  When I go to log them the next day as observations, there's no option to set the date/time of the observation; it picks up the current date time only.  I can associate the entry to a session, but still in the list of observations (either from the menu or from a target) I see them all with the date/time I made the entry not the session time they're related to. This is not useful to me, especially if i enter several days' data together.

Secondly, I'm scared of how unreliable the sessions and logs seem to be.  I'm seeing entries duplicate, go missing, showing different number of sessions in search compared to the observations list.. I am reluctant to trust a lot of data to what seems to be a flaky system.  I am syncing to LiveSky if that's important.  Hopefully it's just me misunderstanding the software somehow.

Finally, entering the date/time is clumsy, having to mouse click or right arrow between each field when 99% of software uses tab.  Having the session date use mm/dd/yy even though everything else is set to dd/mm/yy.  Having the session time in 12h even though everything else is 24h. 



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