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How To Display Only Objects In An Observing List? (Answer: Read On!)

I am having trouble understanding Observing Lists. I made a list of Objects and I want to see ONLY those objects in the viewer. What I find is only some of the objects show. When I start zooming the FOV the other Objects start showing up. But then Objects that are NOT in my Observing List start to show up as well. How can I see ALL and ONLY the objects in my Observing List ?

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    Keiron Smith


    I'm really clear on what the problem is here.  You will need to attach screenshots or link to a screen recording of what you see, and what the issue is, if my reply is not sufficient.

    1. You can choose your observing list.  And choose to highlight objects within that list.

    2. You can toggle ON/OFF any of the stars/deepsky databases available under Options.

    Within your FOV, whatever databases are ON will show objects that are included in that database.

    Each database has an option to toggle ON/OFF Labels.  You can turn OFF all the labels for any database but highlight objects from an observing list.

    If you need more help please clarify your issue with screenshots or a screen recording.



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