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How to solve the connection failure when I run both Synscan pro of az-gti and Skysafari 6 pro on a same android cellphone

When I run SynScan pro of az-gti and Skysafari 6 pro each on separate device, it works fine.

But when I run them on a same device (android phone, samsung s22 ultra or S8), 
I could not connect Skysafari 6 pro after running SynScan first, even I followed the suggested procedure of az-gti Synscan manual such as;
In telescope setup menu of Skysafari, I've selected
Equipement Selection
- telescope: SkyWatcher SynScan
- mount: Equatorial GoTo(German)
Communication Setting
- Connect through Wifi
  Port: 11882
- connect through Wifi

But after pushing the connect button, I always get a same error message like "bla bla.. connection failure.. bla bla"

Based on the manual, I can not find anything wrong.
Please advise me what I have to do to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,


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