Issues with VMWare Fusion and Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5


    My current set up is a Mac running OSX Lion 10.7.5 and VMWare Fusion 6.0.3.  I installed Starry Night 6.0.1 and the time and tools at the top of the program were missing from the interface.  Telescope control options were not available and Messier catalog was also missing. Everything else seemed to be working fine.  I updated to 6.3.3 and then to 6.4.3 and now all the problems seemed to have been fixed, but now the interface no longer showed a realistic horizon or the all sky chart.  Attached is a screen shot of how it appeared.  I was told the issue was with OpenGL and VMWare not being compatible.  I downloaded and installed the latest version of OpenGL (4.1) and DirectX 9.0 and now everything appears to be working as it should.  Thanks Keiron for all the help in resolving the problems.