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Beta Testing SkySafari 6 (iOS Only) - Read This To Participate!


Invitation to iOS Users:

Everyone here in the Community Forums (with an Apple iOS device) is invited to participate in the beta-testing cycle :) 

Your beta-testing feedback, whatever you can contribute, will be invaluable to the success of SkySafari 6!


How to Apply:

Please reply here (in a comment below) if you can help us at this time.  Please outline your experience with SkySafari, including what versions of SkySafari you have run previously, what telescopes you are controlling, what kind of astronomy you are involved in, if you are a power user, etc.  Please do not post requests to join the SS6 beta in other forums, as they will not be accepted.  If you're reading this you can reply here.

When you are officially invited to participate you will see and have access to the SN6 Beta Testing forum.  The SS6 Beta Testing forum is hidden until you are invited to participate.  When you are accepted, you will be notified via a TestFlight email and then you will be able to both view the SS6 beta forum and download the SS6 beta app.

Please note, not all applicants will be immediately included in the beta-testing.  So, if you apply and do not hear back please be patient.

*** If accepted to the SS6 beta-testing forum please do NOT report bug/issues on this post.  See below for workflow ***


The Process:

As you find bugs/issues in SkySafari 6 please first review the current discussions in this beta-testing forum (which is hidden until you are invited).  If your bug/issue has already been identified please comment on the existing post.  If your bug/issue has not been identified please create a NEW post in the SS6 Beta Testing forum. 

For clarity regarding this bug reporting process please see the Example Bug Report (hidden until you are officially invited)

Please do not submit tickets with bugs/issues.


How To Follow The SS6 Beta Forum:

As part of your participation we would appreciate that you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum.  Following a forum means you will receive email updates when anyone creates a NEW post or comments/replies to one of the existing posts. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Following the forum ensures you receive email updates regarding all admin communications to the beta testers.  If admins make a post asking for assistance you will get an email update with that post.
  2. Following is also very important so that you have an on-going status report regarding bugs/issues identified, confirmed, requiring further testing, or have been resolved, etc.  This will help you stay on top of the overall process, and ensure you are not duplicating efforts where issues are already known and resolved.


To FOLLOW the SkySafari 6 Beta Testing community forum please see here.  Note, you must have been invited first, and have access to the forum before you can follow it.



Replying to Email Updates:

When you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum you will receive email updates regarding new posts (and comments, if opted for).  Please do not reply to email updates using the "Reply" function.  Please first use the "View the comment" link to open the community forum post, then reply to the post.  

This point is crucially important - so please understand the image below (this an example of an SS6 Beta Testing email update as seen using my web browser Yahoo email account).

If you use the email update "Reply" function your reply will not be added to the community forum discussion.




In order to participate you will need to have TestFlight installed on your iOS device(s).  You can download and install TestFlight from this link here:


How to Use the Community Forums:

For clarity regarding how to use the Community Forums (posting/replying/following) please see here:

How To Sign Into The Community Forums (Required For Posting And Replying To Topics)

Browsers Supported by Simulation Curriculum Community Forums (Cookies Must Be Enabled)

How To Use Your New Community Support Forums


Beta Testing Summarized


  1. SIGN IN or create account on this Simulation Curriculum support website.
  2. REPLY to this post (in a comment below) in order to apply to the SS6 Beta Testing group.
  3. When invited to join the beta testing, download and install the iOS TESTFLIGHT app.
  4. FOLLOW the main SS6 beta forum to be kept up-to-date of any new posts (bug reports) and discussions thereafter (you get email updates).
  5. REVIEW previous beta testing discussions before posting your bug report.
  6. COMMENT on bugs already reported.
  7. Create NEW posts for bugs not yet reported.
  8. Follow the bug reporting GUIDELINES when reporting or commenting on bugs.
  9. Do NOT reply/comment to email updates.  Instead, VIEW the post first, then comment.
  10. Post any questions, about anything to do with the beta testing, in the beta forum.  We will reply to you there. 

Thank YOU! 

We are very excited about the up and coming release of SS6 and we're looking forward to working closely with everyone involved in the beta testing.

Again, this is only for Apple iOS devices, at this time.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Daniel S

    Hi Keiron,

    I would love to participate in the SS6 Beta. I've consistently used Sky Safari for years. More recently I've used it with my NEQ6 Pro mount. I am an active member of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and NASA's Night Sky Network. Being a software engineer would allow me to provide high quality feedback if I run into any bugs, plus its just fun to test new things! I'm interested in testing for iPhone & iPad.

    I currently use Sky Safari 5 Pro


    Daniel S.

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    Neil Allen

    Hi, I’d like to participate please. I currently use SkySafari 5 is on an iPhone 8. I’m also a software engineer so will hopefully be able to give good quality feedback whilst understanding your pain ;)

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    Joseph Quattro

    I have been using SkySafari for some time on various iterations of iPhone and iPad.  I’m currently using a celestron 127mak, connecting wirelessly or via skywire.  I mostly look for Messier objects but also planets depending on time of year.




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    Lachlan MacDonald

    G'Day from Australia,

    I'd be delighted to help beta test SSP6. I'm primarily a visual observer of 26+ years and use a variety of scopes including a 30" f/4.5, 25" f/5, 18" f/4.5 & f/4.2 plus a variety of "smaller" scopes, mostly dobs but also SCT and smaller refractors.

    I run the OzSky Star Safari here in Australia and have used SS for many years to help plan observing lists for OzSky Star Safaris.

    We all love SSP here in Oz and strongly recommend it to folks who come to Oz to join us at these Star Parties.

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    Ianik Lalancette

    Bonjour, j’habite au Québec (et je suis français en l’occurrence :)) et je suis un FAN de SkySafari. J’utilise la version SkyPro 5. Actuellement, je suis absolument bien servie avec cette version. Je planifie mes séances d’astrophotographie grâce à l’avance.

    J’utilise une Takahashi 106, un EdgeHD 9.25, une monture ieqpro45, Maximdl, etc.

    J’utilise une STT8300, une ZWO pour le planétaire.

    Alors, c’est avec plaisir et enthousiastme que je vais essayer l’app TestFlight!!!!

    SkySafari Rules!!!!!!


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    Bill Lee

    I’m interested, too. I’m a Safari Pro 4 & 5 user on IOS (9, 10, and 11), 5 Pro on macOS (Sierra and High Sierra). I use it with a Celestron SE mount, Nexus DSCs, and an A-P 1600 CP4 mount.

    Sure, I’d qualify as a power user.

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    I’m happy to help with the beta testing.  I’m a regular user on iOS and macOS. 


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    Charles Wilson

    I have Sky Safari Pro 5 currently. This is the best app for stargazing by far. I'd love to help out however I can.

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    Francisco Lizama

    I would be interested in participating in the beta for sky safari 6.

    I’ve been a user since version 5. It’s installed on my IPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro. I’m an amateur and use it for pleasure while in town and also while traveling.

    I’ve taken a couple of astronomy courses but would not consider myself an expert. However I’m a techie and have learned the capabilities of the app. I’m planning to get a telescope that’s compatible with the app soon.

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    Burton Bardus


    I too have received an invitation to test the beta version of SS6.

    I'm currently focused on astrophotography using a Canon DSLR. My setup includes the Celestron AVX mount with an Orion ED80 telescope. I've been photographing the night sky for about 2 year now and use SkySafari 5 pro to help navigate my sessions. I also use a wireless connection to connect to SkySafari for "goto" control. As I use SkySafari for my everyday observation sessions I would be very interested in beta testing the next version on my iPad.

    Thank you!

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    Seamus Erie

    Hello Keiron,

    I have used SS4 and 5 constantly in both of my jobs. I used to teach astronomy to 8th grade students with astronomy nights for the neighborhood and I am currently one of the telescope demonstrators at Griffith Observatory where I operate the Zeiss 12” historical refractor telescope along with the 11” Celestron scopes on the lawn.
    I am familiar with the operations of Sky safari 4&5 and I would love to Beta test Sky Safari 6.
    SS5 has been a blessing on many nights of observation at the observatory and I have recommended it to many of my guests
    Please let me know if I can help.
    Eugene Ireland

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    I would like to be involved in the beta test. I run iOS 11 on a 10.5 iPad and iPhone 6S, and regularly share observing session plans with SS on the Mac. I control a Celestron 6SE from my iPad (admittedly with a bridge I built out of a Raspberry Pi Zero W - hopefully this won’t count against me.) I also do lots of plain old binocular observing, for which I find SS’s FOV circles invaluable.

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    I would like to participate with the SS6 beta testing.  I’m currently using SS5 plus as well as SS4 plus.  I use SS5 plus to create observing lists, as a replacement to my sky atlas, as well as to control both my Celestron 8SE and Orion XX14g.  I do both visual as well as lunar and planetary photography.  I use the SS5 at all our local out reach events to show the students images as well as the audio playback.  I’ve kept an extensive observation details over the years to go along with my observation list.


    Thanks Adam

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    Falk Levien Müller

    I would also be interested in beta testing SS6.
    I’ve got experience with version 5, which I’m using to control my Meade LXD55 and ETX via sky wire, and of course to plan my observations.
    I mostly do private observation sessions on my different telescopes, but do the occasional public viewing event in my front yard, whenever there’s something interesting to see for the public. Apart from that, I take care of the little Instagram community @aglimpseofthemoon, where I share photos of the moon and feature other user’s photos.
    I’d be happy to participate in the refining of the new Sky Safari version and on a side note could also offer help for a possible german localisation of the app.
    Kind regards,
    Falk Levien Müller

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    Isaiah Schwartz

    Hi, I have used only SkySafari 5 Pro for about a year, but I have used it a ton during that time. I control my NexStar 127SLT via the app, and I am not sure what kind of astronomy I do, nor do I get what a power user is. I am on IOS 10 and I have an IPad Pro. Hope I get it.

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    I d like to test SkySafari 6. I use SkySafari 5pro whenever I use my telescope or when I plan - search anything astronomical. I use it with my iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 10.5. I’ve been using SkySafari since before it got that name! With my iPod Touch 2! I have a celestron as-gt mount

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    I’d be interested in joining the SSPro beta test program, as per your invitation, please?

     I have been using SkySafari since v2; I use SSPro v5 on my iPad Pro for target selection for my Astro-photography setup, which consists of dual C11 Hyperstars on a CGE Pro, via WiFi Scope TCP/ASCOM bridge from Main Sequence Software, enabling me to auto guide with PHDv2.6.4.4. I use 2 Atik 460ex - one mono, one OSC.

    Hopefully yours,

    Carl Elkins

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    barry freedland

    Please sign me up to beta test sky safari 6
    I used ss 3 4 and 5 on ios mac and android. I use it with my nexstar c8, roboscoped autostar gpdx, and a variety of encoder based systems on my dobs.

  • 0

    I'd be happy to help. I'm a power user, into visual observing. I'm on an iPad air 2 with iOS 10.3.3.

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    Alexandre Monteiro

    I’m interested in the SS6 beta testing.

    I only used SkySafari 5 plus before, with Celestron Skyportal wifi adaptor to control my NexStar 4SE.

    The SS5 plus is installed on my iPhone 7 and iPad Mini.




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    Bryan Gabbard

    Hello Keiron,

    I would like to help with beta testing if I can.  I have used SS4 Pro and SS5 Pro both on my iPad and iPhone.  I do not control any scopes with the app, however.

    I primarily use Sky Safari at the scope during visual observing.  I have al 9 of my scopes and all of my eyepieces plugged into the app to display FOV to facilitate star hopping.

    I also build observing lists extensively with SS, and use these to record my observing notes while at the scope.  SS has become an invaluable tool for planning and logging, as well as seeking out other objects in the area that I am observing that I may not have been aware of.

    SS has been my constant companion at each of my observing sessions for the past 2.5 years.  Always happy to do what I can to help with the product.

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    Michael Tweedy

    I would like to test the SSP6.

    I use SSP5 and previously 4 and 3. I use the Sky Fi and previously the Skywire.on both an iphone SE and 2x ipad 2

    It is used on a variety of mounts NEQ6, EQ8, Skywatcher AZ..CPC800

    Scopes C11, C8. WO Meg90, WO GT81, WO SD66.Meade 14 inch SCT, Equinox 80.

    Both in a private capacity and also as Chair of an Astronomical Society with 180 members and a public outreach programme that has touched over 2000 people in 2 years. 

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    Steve Berry

    Hi, I would like to be involved with the beta trial. I’m currently using SkySafaro Version 5 Pro. I upgraded to this from version 4. I use SkySafari to control my NEQ6 via the skyfi module.  I use an ipad pro an iphone 6s or my Macbook as the controller. 


    Regards Steve

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    François Tasse


    I'm interesting to give it a try! I use it to control my telescope via SPG. I will test it with my iPhone 6S+ and my iPad Air 2. 



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    Adam Flener

    I am interested in helping out with the SS6 beta test. I am useing an iPhone 6plus running iOS 11.1.2

  • 0
    Stan smith

    I am interested in beta testing. I use SkySafari on iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro. I control a cgem dx Mount wired and wirelessly. My background is owner of an Internet services corporation and a software development corporation. I am a programmer by trade as well. 

  • 0

    I would love to beta test SkySafari 6 and help provide feedback. Please include me!

  • 0

    Hello Keiron,

    I'd be happy to help. I'm a SkySafari 5 Plus user (iPhone X & IP6Plus). 

    Best regards, 

    Li Zhaoqi

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    Michael G



    I'd love to be a Beta Tester for Skysafari 6...  I've been using SkySafari for iOS since Skysafari 4, and am currently using SkySafari 5 Plus...  I currently use 5 Plus to control my Meade LX90 Telescope.  I'm an amateur astronomer who engages in both planetary and deep sky observation.  I also beta test other iOS apps, and have the TestFlight app installed on all of my iOS devices.


    Thanks for considering me to be a beta tester for Skysafari 6...


    Take care,


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    Michael K Connly

    Greetings Keiron and thanks for providing this opportunity.  

    I am involved in a significant amount of public outreach and sidewalk astronomy. I primarily use an iPad mini and an iPhone 6+. I currently use SkySafari 5 Pro on both devices and as often as possible let visitors select the objects on my Meade 12” LX90, and press goto. Kids love it!  I’ve used previous versions of SS since version 3, and used both skywire and skyfi. I’ve imported lists from Sue French and created my own for outreach at star parties. Messier Marathons are a snap with SkySafari and again for visitors it allows them to see a plethora of objects in a single observing session. My favorite objects are globular clusters and planetary nebulae. And always the planets of course!  

    Again, thanks for the opportunity,

    Michael Connly

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