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Beta Testing SkySafari 6 (iOS Only) - Read This To Participate!


Invitation to iOS Users:

Everyone here in the Community Forums (with an Apple iOS device) is invited to participate in the beta-testing cycle :) 

Your beta-testing feedback, whatever you can contribute, will be invaluable to the success of SkySafari 6!


How to Apply:

Please reply here (in a comment below) if you can help us at this time.  Please outline your experience with SkySafari, including what versions of SkySafari you have run previously, what telescopes you are controlling, what kind of astronomy you are involved in, if you are a power user, etc.  Please do not post requests to join the SS6 beta in other forums, as they will not be accepted.  If you're reading this you can reply here.

When you are officially invited to participate you will see and have access to the SN6 Beta Testing forum.  The SS6 Beta Testing forum is hidden until you are invited to participate.  When you are accepted, you will be notified via a TestFlight email and then you will be able to both view the SS6 beta forum and download the SS6 beta app.

Please note, not all applicants will be immediately included in the beta-testing.  So, if you apply and do not hear back please be patient.

*** If accepted to the SS6 beta-testing forum please do NOT report bug/issues on this post.  See below for workflow ***


The Process:

As you find bugs/issues in SkySafari 6 please first review the current discussions in this beta-testing forum (which is hidden until you are invited).  If your bug/issue has already been identified please comment on the existing post.  If your bug/issue has not been identified please create a NEW post in the SS6 Beta Testing forum. 

For clarity regarding this bug reporting process please see the Example Bug Report (hidden until you are officially invited)

Please do not submit tickets with bugs/issues.


How To Follow The SS6 Beta Forum:

As part of your participation we would appreciate that you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum.  Following a forum means you will receive email updates when anyone creates a NEW post or comments/replies to one of the existing posts. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Following the forum ensures you receive email updates regarding all admin communications to the beta testers.  If admins make a post asking for assistance you will get an email update with that post.
  2. Following is also very important so that you have an on-going status report regarding bugs/issues identified, confirmed, requiring further testing, or have been resolved, etc.  This will help you stay on top of the overall process, and ensure you are not duplicating efforts where issues are already known and resolved.


To FOLLOW the SkySafari 6 Beta Testing community forum please see here.  Note, you must have been invited first, and have access to the forum before you can follow it.



Replying to Email Updates:

When you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum you will receive email updates regarding new posts (and comments, if opted for).  Please do not reply to email updates using the "Reply" function.  Please first use the "View the comment" link to open the community forum post, then reply to the post.  

This point is crucially important - so please understand the image below (this an example of an SS6 Beta Testing email update as seen using my web browser Yahoo email account).

If you use the email update "Reply" function your reply will not be added to the community forum discussion.




In order to participate you will need to have TestFlight installed on your iOS device(s).  You can download and install TestFlight from this link here:


How to Use the Community Forums:

For clarity regarding how to use the Community Forums (posting/replying/following) please see here:

How To Sign Into The Community Forums (Required For Posting And Replying To Topics)

Browsers Supported by Simulation Curriculum Community Forums (Cookies Must Be Enabled)

How To Use Your New Community Support Forums


Beta Testing Summarized


  1. SIGN IN or create account on this Simulation Curriculum support website.
  2. REPLY to this post (in a comment below) in order to apply to the SS6 Beta Testing group.
  3. When invited to join the beta testing, download and install the iOS TESTFLIGHT app.
  4. FOLLOW the main SS6 beta forum to be kept up-to-date of any new posts (bug reports) and discussions thereafter (you get email updates).
  5. REVIEW previous beta testing discussions before posting your bug report.
  6. COMMENT on bugs already reported.
  7. Create NEW posts for bugs not yet reported.
  8. Follow the bug reporting GUIDELINES when reporting or commenting on bugs.
  9. Do NOT reply/comment to email updates.  Instead, VIEW the post first, then comment.
  10. Post any questions, about anything to do with the beta testing, in the beta forum.  We will reply to you there. 

Thank YOU! 

We are very excited about the up and coming release of SS6 and we're looking forward to working closely with everyone involved in the beta testing.

Again, this is only for Apple iOS devices, at this time.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Carlos Friesen

    I am using Starry Night 7 Pro Plus on Windows 10 Pro and SkySafari 5 Pro on iOS on iPhone 7 Plus and iPad mini 4. Love these applications! 

    I got an invitation to get the SkySafari 6 beta on test flight.  Would really love to test drive the beta!

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    Jim Harris

    I have been a Sky Safari Pro user since version 3. I am currently a Pro 5 user, and use it on my iPad Air and iPhone 6s. I with it with my Meade ETX90 as well as use it standalone. I would be happy to be a beta tester to help you with testing it.


    thank you.

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    I’m really interested in testing the Beta Version of SkySafari 6. I’m a SkySafari user since the third version. I’ve bought the Pro version on SS3 and the Plus on SS5. I can’t wait to see the new stuff added in the 6th version. 

    Thank you!

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    Absolutely willing to Beta test, I have an iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Air. Ready for Mac when it’s available. I hope to see some improvement in the wireless interface with Celestron SkyFi as well. I have used the software frequently for all manner of observing sessions, in combination with a Celestron AVX and CGE Pro. 


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    Joseph Ramacciotti


    Joe here in Austin Texas. I’d love to be a part of the beta test process and am excited about the new version and what new features will be available. I’m currently running SS Pro 5 on my iPhone 6 and iPad, and I’ve used versions 3 &.4 too. I’m an avid/advanced astronomer and have a health balance of both visual and imaging. I use SS to plan my viewing sessions as well as use the FOV indicator tools to frame objects using a variety of my scopes/cameras to plan imaging sessions. Also. I use the logging feature too to document my accomplishments. As for my equipment I use a Losmandy G11, Celestron Nexstar SE mount/SCT and use the SkyFi wireless module to control these mounts wirelessly. For public viewing I use a video camera, and being able to witelesslely control the mount/scope allows me to show folks a variety of objects without having to touch the mount. I use SS Pro 5 just about daily as I’m usually under the stars several nights a week.

    Thanks for the opportunity!



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    Erin Jostes

    Hi Keiron,

    I received an email for the Beta testing of SS6.  My daughter and I currently use SS5 Pro, which I purchased on my iPhone for us to expland on her avid interest in space.  We would be very happy to assist in testing the new version.  Thank you!


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    Hi, Keiron.
    SkySafari 5 is a fantastic application, which gives a lot of help.
    I have an iPhone 7 Plus with latest iOS, and I would like to participate in the BETA testing for SkySafari 6.

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    Chris the Strange .

    I would be honored to work on the SS6 Beta! I currently use SS5 Pro and absolutely love it! I use it with a manual telescope but hoping to purchase a GPS enabled one very soon....

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    Robert Werkman

    Robert W

    I have used SS v4 Pro and v5 Pro.

    Many members of my Club (ChesMont Astronomical Society) use SS Pro v5.

    I use SS Pro for planning and logging, I am a visual observer - 22” f/3.6 SDM ( ServoCAT with AN)  AP 130GT (HalfHitch FTX v.2 w/ Nexus DSC) plus others TNTC, lol.

    Clear Dark Skies

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    Harold Carl

    I would like to accept the invitation to test beta SkySafari 6 ...

    I started with SkySafari lite SS3,SS4 Pro presently
    SkySafari 5 Pro on numerous iPhones presently iPhone 6S ...

    SS5 Pro is my Go to
    Astronomy App helping to locate planets ... and tracking ISS ... + what’s happening this week in the Sky Week - meteor showers etc ...

    I am retired playing on my
    ‘Fun List’ of adventures thing I just want to enjoy.

    I will soon purchase a telescope that connects to the app making tracking and locating stars and objects easier ...

    I used SkySafari App when i hiked to Mt Everest Base Camp October 19, 2014, during my visit with my friends wife’s family in Thailand February 2015 & 2017, and Machu Picchu May 5-14, 2017 with 2 of my children ...

    SkySafari always gets everyones
    ( kids of all ages ) attention when someone asks the location of the Planet ‘Pluto’ , ISS, or the North Star ...

    I believe Pluto is still a Planet I was tested in school twice, once by Mr. Christ my Generat Science teacher in 7th Grade & by Mr. Martz my Astronomy Teacher in12th Grade 1965 ... both Teachers were of unquestionably Honesty and Character ... seriously SkySafari is great App and it will be Fun seeing the next version’s beta ...

    Thanks for a Great App ...

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    Derek Green

    I would love to beta test SS6.  I have a 9.7” iPad Pro and an iPhone 6 Plus, both running the latest version of iOS 11.2 beta, so I can help with working the kinks out with the newer versions.  I’ve been using SkySafari since version 3 and have bought all Pro versions since, and mostly use it as an astronomical encyclopedia.

    In Christ,

    The Chronicler

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    Tommy Russell

    Hi, I have been using SkySafari since version 1 and am currently running version 5 on my iPhone 6s. I primarily use it for planning out my imaging sessions in order to see what objects will be up at what times. I also use it as a source of info for ISS times, magnitudes, and a whole bunch of other info. I currently use an Orion ED80 scope.

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    Mark Epstein

    I would be glad to beta test SkySafari 6. I've been using SkySafari Pro versions 3, 4, and 5. Currently I'm using it (and plus) on an iPad Air, iPad 2, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5c, and an iPod touch. I'm using a Celestron EQ127 telescope and have owned several other models over the past 40 years. I'm a power user of all iOS devices, as well as Android, Windows, and Mac OS. I've been an avocational astronomer for more than 40 years. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with my now teenage daughter.

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    Dave John Kriegler

    I would be glad to test beta version SS6. I have user on iOS and pc for years. Use it in my classroom all the time



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    Randy Lee

    Sign me up! I have SS5 Pro and use it everyday.. I can’t imagine how one would improve on such an already awesome application..

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    I have received this notification and I am willing contribute testing and reporting concerning SkySafari 6 Beta.

    I have been using SkySafari since version 3 as my main planetarium app. I am involved with OnStep project, which is an open source Arduino board to control an equatorial mounts using  SkySafari telescope control feature, as well as telescope focuser for astrophotography purposes.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you in due course.

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    Jim Foulk


    I would love to be a beta tester for version 6 of your app. 

    I am currently using SS Pro 5 on my 10.5” iPad Pro and my iPhone 8 Plus.  I own a NexStar 8SE telescope with Celestron Wi-Fi adapter, StarSense Auto Align, the Celestron Wedge, and various imaging systems like the Revolution Imager 2 and Orion StarShoot G3 Color.  

    Astrophotography and videography is a passion of mine.  


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    Jay Bransfield

    I’m interested in testing SS6. I’ve been using SkySafari 5 Pro on iPhone and IPad I also use the desktop version. I use Sky Safari 5 Pro to control my Obsession dob with ServoCAT and Argo Navis.

  • 0
    Jonathan Althoff

    I love astronomy and this app. Would like be to test it out as I have many friends interested who would purchase it.

  • 0
    Jim Hopkins

    HI there,

    I just received an inviation to join the beta testing of version 6 and will be happy to join,  I am currently using SkySafari Pro 5 on my Iphone and Ipad.  I also use it to control my Meade LX-200R 10" telescope thru SkyFi III.  

  • 0
    Steven Bennett

    Hello! I have been using SkySafari Pro 4&5 on an iPhone 7+ with a Meade ETX 90. I am a casual user and enjoy searching for program bugs. I’ve done quite a bit with the iOS Beta Program, so I’m familiar with bug hunting and reporting. Should you choose to accept my humble application, I will do my best to ferret out bugs and make this product awesome. Thank you!

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    Waseem Malhi

    I would like to become a beta tester. I've been using SkySafari since version 3. I currently run version 5 on a 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9"

    I use SkyFi with an AVX mount and I mostly do video astronomy. I've reported bugs before on the old Yahoo forum

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    Jason Smith

    SkySafari is a great product. Happy to participate. I have owned SS Pro 3, 4, & 5 for both Android and iOS. I participated in the Android beta of SS Pro 5. I have a Galaxy Note 8 and an iPhone 6s.

  • 0

    Hey there. I would also love to participate in beta testing the new versions.
    I have been using SkySafari 5 Pro so far.
    Funnily enough, I‘m not using SkySafari for its capabilities in telescopes but for photography or simply to educate myself.
    I‘m from Germany and use an Iphone SE.

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    Leighton Powell

    I am a passionate user of your app believing that anything can be done on portable computing devices and your app is a perfect example of what can be done on this type of hardware. This is why I would love to test your app and help make it better for other people before its release.

    I have been using your app since Version 3 and the Pro version starting with version 4. I have been using your app with a Celestron Nexstar 130slt connected through a sky wire accessory.

    I am fortunate because whilst I can not test the app through a variety of telescopes, I can test it on a variety of devices. I am able to test it on a an iPhone 6, 6S, 7 Plus, iPad 4,Air, Air 2 Pro and Mini 4. I am also skilled in using TestFlight and providing feedback in the past. I have tested Chrome, Readdle’s apps, Overcast, PCalc, Workflow and Codea. I hope to bring this ability to your app as well.

    I am a keen young astronomer who sees myself having a career in astrophysics in the future and this app has been one of my favourite resources to understand and map the heavens above us. If you want to invite me, you can invite me at

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    Luigi Fiorentino

    Hi Keiron
    I’ll be happy to partecipate to the beta test
    I consider myself a hard user of SkySafari (and Starry night too) and I can’t do less of both before a photographic night sessions
    I have SkySafari 5 PRO on my iPhone and 5 Plus on my Android Tablet
    Celestron c925 on Orion Atlas EQG
    Various accessories
    Solar telescope Lunt
    Met some of your staff in August at the Astrofest in Casper (WY)
    Glad to be a part of this group

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    Michael Sibbernsen

    Interested in becoming a member of the SS6 Beta Testing group. User of Sky Safari Pro in a public observatory envioment. Looking forward to trying out the latest incarnation and helping debug. Thank you.

  • 0

    I would very much like to participate in the SS6 iOS beta test.  I currently use SS5 Pro 5 on my iPhone and AT&T Android tablet. I have also previously used both SS3 and SS4 on my iPad.  I have been a long time user of SkySafari and have recommended it to others often. I use it to control my Celestron CG-5 and SkyProdigy mounts with various telescopes and Video Astronomy cameras - see my Blog tab at and click on SkySafari at the right under Categories. I also mention it several times in my book "Beginning Remote Video Astronomy" published in 2014 on Amazon. I use either SkySafari or Starry Night to control my mounts practically every time I use my equipment. 

    Jim Meadows

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    Peter Woolliams

    Been using the last few versions, now using the Pro version. Using for observation planning and at scope object locating. I’ve bug hunted Astro programmes previously.

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    Kelly S

    Hi, i would love to test SkySafari 6. So sign me up please!
    I currently using SkySafari Pro 5 on iPad, and SkySafari Pro 4 on Mac.

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