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Beta Testing SkySafari 6 (iOS Only) - Read This To Participate!


Invitation to iOS Users:

Everyone here in the Community Forums (with an Apple iOS device) is invited to participate in the beta-testing cycle :) 

Your beta-testing feedback, whatever you can contribute, will be invaluable to the success of SkySafari 6!


How to Apply:

Please reply here (in a comment below) if you can help us at this time.  Please outline your experience with SkySafari, including what versions of SkySafari you have run previously, what telescopes you are controlling, what kind of astronomy you are involved in, if you are a power user, etc.  Please do not post requests to join the SS6 beta in other forums, as they will not be accepted.  If you're reading this you can reply here.

When you are officially invited to participate you will see and have access to the SN6 Beta Testing forum.  The SS6 Beta Testing forum is hidden until you are invited to participate.  When you are accepted, you will be notified via a TestFlight email and then you will be able to both view the SS6 beta forum and download the SS6 beta app.

Please note, not all applicants will be immediately included in the beta-testing.  So, if you apply and do not hear back please be patient.

*** If accepted to the SS6 beta-testing forum please do NOT report bug/issues on this post.  See below for workflow ***


The Process:

As you find bugs/issues in SkySafari 6 please first review the current discussions in this beta-testing forum (which is hidden until you are invited).  If your bug/issue has already been identified please comment on the existing post.  If your bug/issue has not been identified please create a NEW post in the SS6 Beta Testing forum. 

For clarity regarding this bug reporting process please see the Example Bug Report (hidden until you are officially invited)

Please do not submit tickets with bugs/issues.


How To Follow The SS6 Beta Forum:

As part of your participation we would appreciate that you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum.  Following a forum means you will receive email updates when anyone creates a NEW post or comments/replies to one of the existing posts. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Following the forum ensures you receive email updates regarding all admin communications to the beta testers.  If admins make a post asking for assistance you will get an email update with that post.
  2. Following is also very important so that you have an on-going status report regarding bugs/issues identified, confirmed, requiring further testing, or have been resolved, etc.  This will help you stay on top of the overall process, and ensure you are not duplicating efforts where issues are already known and resolved.


To FOLLOW the SkySafari 6 Beta Testing community forum please see here.  Note, you must have been invited first, and have access to the forum before you can follow it.



Replying to Email Updates:

When you follow the SS6 Beta Testing forum you will receive email updates regarding new posts (and comments, if opted for).  Please do not reply to email updates using the "Reply" function.  Please first use the "View the comment" link to open the community forum post, then reply to the post.  

This point is crucially important - so please understand the image below (this an example of an SS6 Beta Testing email update as seen using my web browser Yahoo email account).

If you use the email update "Reply" function your reply will not be added to the community forum discussion.




In order to participate you will need to have TestFlight installed on your iOS device(s).  You can download and install TestFlight from this link here:


How to Use the Community Forums:

For clarity regarding how to use the Community Forums (posting/replying/following) please see here:

How To Sign Into The Community Forums (Required For Posting And Replying To Topics)

Browsers Supported by Simulation Curriculum Community Forums (Cookies Must Be Enabled)

How To Use Your New Community Support Forums


Beta Testing Summarized


  1. SIGN IN or create account on this Simulation Curriculum support website.
  2. REPLY to this post (in a comment below) in order to apply to the SS6 Beta Testing group.
  3. When invited to join the beta testing, download and install the iOS TESTFLIGHT app.
  4. FOLLOW the main SS6 beta forum to be kept up-to-date of any new posts (bug reports) and discussions thereafter (you get email updates).
  5. REVIEW previous beta testing discussions before posting your bug report.
  6. COMMENT on bugs already reported.
  7. Create NEW posts for bugs not yet reported.
  8. Follow the bug reporting GUIDELINES when reporting or commenting on bugs.
  9. Do NOT reply/comment to email updates.  Instead, VIEW the post first, then comment.
  10. Post any questions, about anything to do with the beta testing, in the beta forum.  We will reply to you there. 

Thank YOU! 

We are very excited about the up and coming release of SS6 and we're looking forward to working closely with everyone involved in the beta testing.

Again, this is only for Apple iOS devices, at this time.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Jon de Pinet

    I would be happy to lend my time and expernce to the beta test. I use ss5 for basic sky charts and planning my night. I don’t have any WiFi guided scopes at the moment, though I hope to change that. My astronomy is mostly visual and astrophotography. I also work at Lowell observatory, and may be able to get the chance to use some much more professional scopes.

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    Steve Martin

    Yes please. I've used the last 2 or 3 versions, on my ipad and iphone. I don't have a telescope. I am a software engineer.

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    Matt Case

    I am an amateur astronomer with a Celestron powerseeker  70az.  I have been using SkySafari for about a year.  I have used SkySafari 5 Plus in support of my teaching efforts to local cub scout packs.  I have a background in web development and web security.  I would like to participate in the BETA testing for SkySafari 6 and I would be pleased to test the lastet version on Iphone 

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    Nico Augustin

    Hi, today this Beta-tester opportunity popped up in my Sky Safari 5 Plus. So, I think I would like to participate if possible.

    I would not consider myself a power user with large gear and tons of equipment (yet). I´m geoscientist with an interest in the stars and started astrophotography about one year ago and use SkySafari mainly for planning and relaxed "sky-surfing". I love to check the position of stars, moon and planets and to play with the previews to see if a chosen lens will give enough or to little coverage of the target I go for. Since I live in northern Germany - an area that is not well known for its nice weather and great star gazing opportunities - I need to plan quite carefully what I want to photograph if the clouds are gone for a night - so Sky Safari is a great tool for me doing this. I also love the huge amount of extra information to many objects that help me deciding if I can try to shot an object with my equipment or would just waste my time. So far, mainly because of my limitations in equipment, I was always happy with the funktionality of SS5Plus. For example, I would not need a larger object database but would like to see a few more features for session planning (e.g. I´m using SkySafari often in combination with PhotoPills Planner tool).

    I own a Star Adventurer mount and do the photography with a Samsung NX300 and recently got a Sony a6000. Mostly I use manual lenses from the 70´s and 80´s between 35 and 300 mm focal length. I also own a simple Vixen 80/910 refractor telescope, mainly for moon and sun. SkySafary 5 Plus is installed on my i-devices as well as on my MacBook. Some of my works I share on Instagram under naugustin_  if you´re interested.

    Best regards,


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    Mark Zawodny

    I have been using SkySafari since it first became available and have Celestreon Evolution I have used with it connected via iPhone and iPAD. I would like to participate in the BETA testing for SkySafari.

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    Marty Bollinger

    Happy to participate. I am using Sky Safari Pro to direct my AP1100 mount with the CP3 controller, soon to be upgraded to CP4.  The primary telescope on the mount is a AP 130mm GTX that use for astrophography, mostly DSOs.  I also have on the mount a VIxen ED81S that I use with my night vision monocular.  During a typical evening session I control the mount with both a computer running TSX and my iPhone running Sky Safari Pro.  Been using Sky Safari Pro for about a year now.  You will find me as MJB87 on CN.

    Best regards,


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    Bill Taub



    I am interested in beta testing Sky Safari 6.  I am currently using SS5 Pro, and had previous free versions of the app.  I am enthusiest working with a Celestron Nexstar 6se scope equipped with the StarSense and Skylink2 (aka SkyPortal) add-ons.  One of the things that drove me to upgrade to Pro was the telescope control through StarSense... While I know the Celestron OEM SkyPortal app is based on SS5, I have not had the same success using SS5Pro to perform a Starsense Alignment.

    I hope to provide feedback on the app and how it can help plan and execute observation sessions.... in particular I want to provide feedback on StarSense integration and support.

    I have been doing EQ/Wedge based (sidreal) astronomy for 25 years, but he automation capabilities in SS6 along with my scope can help me attempt some astro-imaging in the light-polluted NYC metropolitan area.

    Looking forward to the next version and, hopefully, helping to make it the best version yet.


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    Andre Cajolais

    Hello Keiron,

    I would be more than happy to beta test version 6 of Sky Safari, thanks for the invitation. I use version 5 pro on iPad and iPhone7, and version 4 plus on my Mac computers... In my opinion, Sky Safari is really the best planetarium on the market. I use it to plan my sessions, either for observation or astrophotography., at the telescope with my Celestron CGEM and CG5 mounts. I also use it paired with Celestron SkyQ Link wifi dongle.

    Thanks for reading,

    Andre Cajolais. 

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    I would like to participate.   I’ve been using SkySafari for a few years and currently have it installed on two iPads, one an iPad Pro.  I use it for all of my observing sessions.  Currently controlling an 8se mount, avx  mount, and an older celestron gt mount.   


    Using Version 5 pro for iOS.  


    Thank you 


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    Sutarto Sutarto

    Hi Keiron,


    I received an invitation through Sky Safari Pro on my iPad. I would like to participate. I have Sky Safari Pro on my iPad (New iPad and Mini 4, Sky Safari Plus on My Mac) and Stary Night Enthusiasts. Thanks

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    Hello Keiron,

    I’m happy to participate in the beta testing program for the SkySafari 6 app. I primarily use SS5 Pro to obtain celestial coordinates and object information in my capacity as a volunteer telescope operator for the Chabot Space and Science Center (8” and 20” refractors). I also use SS5Pro to control my Celestron CGX mount. 

    I have SS5 Pro installed on my iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. 

    Regards ... Rick

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    I’m available for testing. Use SS4 Pro, SS5, and SS5 Pro. Use them with JMI NGC Max (v 3.03 and 3.52) as well as Ioptron smartEQ Pro with starfi WiFi. Run on Apple iPad 2 and 3.

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    Al Piecka

    I am using s pro 5 and have on onsite observatory with primarily 9.5 Celestron w/ hyperstar. Using maxim dL and PI for processing and operations

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    Jonathan Kade

    I recieved an invitation to beta test. I’ve been using SkySafari since I think version 3 on Android. I’m on Pro v5 on iOS now. I don’t use it to control a scope at present - I use it as a sky atlas for star hopping, primarily. I use SkySafari primarily for deep sky objects, asteroids, comets, and for checking the positions of Jovian surfaces and moons and Saturnian moons.

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    Antonio Garcia-Merino

    I have been using SkySafari for years, since version 2, but I also have versions 3, 4 and currently 5 Pro. All those versions are working in different iPads. I also have an old SkySafari 1.8 for Mac OsX. All this means that I know in depth this software. I also have a number of different astronomical apps, but the one I always use is this one. It has worked flawlessly with Orion Sirius, but I had some trouble with SW AzEq6 using skywire. I’d be delihghted to have the opportunity to act as beta tester for the new version

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    Ernest Parker

    I would like to participate.  I have been using SkySafari ever since the beginning.  In fact,  I used Tim’s Voyager program before that.  I have SS5 Pro running on a iPhone SE and an iPad Air 2. I use the app as one of my control methods for an Orion Atlas EQ-G.  As far as testing experience goes, I have spent my entire career doing development and testing, the last stint being 17 years at Compaq/HP. 

    —Ernie Parker, StargateCOlorado Observatory

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    Steve MacKenzie

    Please consider me as beta tester. I have been a sky safari pro user for 3 years, and am currently on latest SSF 5 Pro release. I control a Celestron Evolution 8” scope. Electrical engineering background, with 5 years experience managing software quality assurance team.

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    Joel Stucki

    Hello, I would be interested in helping test SS6 Beta. I have used SS 4 Plus and SS 5 Pro. I use an Orion XTI 10 inch intelliscope with a wireless SkyFi connector. It is a push-to setup. I use a variety of lenses and viewfinders but tend to prefer the Celestron Lumos line of lens. I also a fair bit binocular and naked eye observation. 

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    Mark Rosen

    I’m interested in participating in the beta. I’m a relatively new user of sky safari and I’m loving it. One thing I found with the new iPhone X is that the night mode leaves the bar at the bottom bright white. Thanks.

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    Thomas young

    Hi have been using SkySafari pro 5

    have CPC 800  using on ipad

    would love to participate in the beta 6 program

    thanks Thomas

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    Michael W. Rogers

    Please consider me as a beta tester. I have used many versions and am well versed in its capabilities. Although I do not use it to control my scopes, I use Sky Safari every time I’m under the night sky. I have almost 50 years of experience in amateur astronomy and have served as President of the Capitol Area Astronomy Association (mid-Michigan) for many years.

  • 0


    Id be happy to participate in the beta testing.  I've been using astronomy software with my Meade LX 200 for a long time, Southern Stars, Sky Guide and Sky Safari 5.  Thanks for the opportunity  



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    Hadyn Glaister

    Hello Kieron .  

     I would like to test the beta version of SS6 please. I am have only been using SS5 pro for about 7 months now and think it is very good indeed. Best regards, Hadyn, Isle of Man




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    Hello Keiron,

    I have received an invitation to participate to the test of SS6 beta.

    I would be pleased to give some help because i like and use SS for many years. I am very happy to see how accurate is the software. I was able to predict to second the appearing of jupiter satellites.

    I use SS for preparing observations or astrophotography. I am using Astro-Physics 130 F6 refractor, Celestron CPC 800, Canon 6D and various little CMS cameras.

    I use SS on Mac OS X 10.12 and on iPad and iPhone 7.

    Best regards


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    Jason Perry

    I would love to help with beta testing the next version of SkySafari.  I currently use SkySafari Pro 5, and have used the app since version 3.x.  I primarily use the app on my iPad Pro 12.9” as well as on an iPhone 7 Plus.  I don’t use it to control a telescope and most of my astronomy is visual astronomy with DSLR.  I also work (or worked) on the camera teams on several NASA interplanetary missions, and sometimes use SSP5 to check the positions of moons around Saturn at the time of an observation.

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    Antonio Di Mauro

    Hi Keiron

    I’m Antonio Di Mauro, Sergio’s son and I would be so happy to try the SS6 beta and to help you improving the app.

    Have a good day,


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    I would very much like to participate in the beta testing.

    My main wish for SS 6 would be the option to choose Park 3 on AP mounts.

    It would be nice to have the viewing log intelligently update from the current location, eyepiece and scope when you add an observation.

    Lastly and not realistically an option for pointing correction would be fantastic.

    i have an AP GTO900, Mach 1 and EGTO600 with AP, Takahashi, and Meade scopes. I am using Sky Safari 5 Pro with Sky Fi 2 and almost with an AP GTOCP4 (but still having connection  isdues with WiFi)

    Previously I used Sky Safari 4 Pro and also have The Sky with various imaging software.

    SS 5 is my favourite GoTo app for telescope control. Great job!

    Andrew Jackson

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    Hi keiron,

    I’m using sky safari 5 with a Skywatcher refractor and an eq5 goto mount.

    I also have the sky-fi and IPad controlling the telescope.

    Canon 600d reflex and ASI 178 MM CMOS camera

    i’m trying to make first steps in astrophotography and I wish to contribute to this wonderful software during the beta program.

    well done,

    Massimo Tedeschi

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    Simon Klaudt

    Good afternoon !  I would be pleased to assist in beta testing for Sky Safari 6.  I do not yet have an automated telescope; I observe with an 100 mm reflector which requires my own personal involvement in guiding its equatorial mount while observing. Daytime observations of the five major planets ( excluding Earth ), out to Saturn, is one of my enjoyable skills. By using Sky Safari, I know where to point my scope. The fun is enhanced by watching planetary conjunctions during the daytime.  I am an armchair astronomer when reading books. If an author writes about an astronomical event as happening, I immediately use my Sky Safari 5 Professional to check the veracity of the event, trusting Sky Safari to be accurate.  Already more than 3 years ago, I was using this app to check whether Carbondale, IL would be the place to be to watch two total eclipses of the Sun in 2017 August 18th and 2024 April 8th. I am already making plans to “eclipse hunt” the 2020 December 14th eclipse in Argentina checking to see what planets will be visible, and where, and where to be geographically for the best presentation of the eclipse.  I also enjoy “ flights of the imagination “ to other planets and other stars, being amazed at what I see, and what I do not see, especially looking towards Sol, our star.  Sky Safari allows this to occur.  I truly enjoyed having Voyager when I was over in China in 2009.  Our eclipse participants ( south of Shanghai ) had the misfortune of being rained upon during the eclipse, so I had Voyager on my iPod showing me what I was missing.  I have used Voyager in its various iterations, and then switched to Sky Safari when it was first issued.  I have upgraded progressively from 3 Pro, 4 Pro, and 5 Pro.  I also have Sky Safari for Mac on my iMac.  So yes, I would be pleased to help you with beta testing.

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    Alexander Shkabarnya

    I’m ready to help with beta testing.

    I am currently using SkySafari 5 Plus with IPad Pro (12.9”) and Celestron Evolution 8 with StarSense

    Best regards,


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